Here are some of the easiest ways to earn credits in ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’

Star Wars Battlefront II has a weird multiplayer progression system. Unlike the system in Dice and Electronic Artslast Battlefront, where you earned experience points to unlock new weapons and abilities over time, Battlefront II uses a multi-pronged approach that requires you to complete challenges, earn currencies, and gamble on loot crates to move forward.

There are ways to get ahead in Battlefront II, though, if you know where to focus your energy. It requires careful spending and playing with the long game in mind. If you want to get the best abilities and perks in multiplayer quickly, you have to play smart. These tips will help you earn credits fast so you can get the upgrades you want.

How to make progress in BStar Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront progression guide -- More Than Leveling Up

Battlefront II actually uses three different leveling systems. First, you will level up your character as you play the game by gaining experience points for winning matches. That system is akin to most other first-person shooters, requiring you to play matches to increase your overall experience. But it seems your overall multiplayer level is really just a gate — you need to raise your level to access later parts of the progression system, but that’s it.

The second part of the system is leveling up each of your individual trooper classes and equipping them with upgraded abilities and perks through the Star Card system. Star Cards let you customize your class loadout with different special weapons or passive perks, like recovering from damage more quickly. You can also upgrade your Star Cards to make them stronger — but you have to level up your classes by acquiring more Star Cards for each one first.

The third is Milestones. These challenges require you to perform certain tasks in multiplayer and in other Battlefront II modes to get the most out of your classes. They’re also the best way to get what you need to progress through the game’s multiplayer.

Your goal: Leveling up your classes with Star Cards

Star Wars Battlefront progression guide -- Star Cards

Each of your individual classes, heroes, and ships has its own set of Star Cards, and each class levels up independently, regardless of your overall player level. Leveling up your classes allows you to use up to three Star Cards for that class, allowing for more customization and additional perks. You can also upgrade your individual cards to make them more effective.

You can level up each class as well. Each of your classes’ level up is based on how many cards you have for it, and the quality of those cards. Star cards come in one of four ratings: Common cards, the ones with white markings at the top, are worth one point; uncommon cards are green and worth two; rare, blue cards are worth three; and epic purple cards are worth four. The number of Star Card points you have for each class determines its level.

Since each class’ progress is tied to your card selection, finding ways to earn more should be one of your main priorities as you progress through Battlefront II multiplayer. There are two ways of doing that: Spending Battlefront II‘s in-game currency, “credits,” to buy loot crates, and buying cards individually with a second currency called “crafting parts.” You can use crafting parts to upgrade your cards, so you want to try to save them as much as you can to make your base-level cards more useful. This is more of a long-term consideration, though as you can’t upgrade your cards until your account-wide multiplayer rank hits level 10.

Earn more credits in each match by sticking to objectives

Star Wars Battlefront progression guide -- Objectives

Every time you play a multiplayer match, you get credits. How many credits you receive at the end of a given match is tied to your “battle points,” a stat you earn by racking up kills, but also for defending positions, planting or defusing bombs, attacking walkers, and generally helping your team win.

Even if you aren’t the greatest killer in the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, you can still rack up a solid amount of battle points by completing objectives in most multiplayer modes. If you’re a good fighter, it still pays to stick to the objectives in game modes to try to earn as many points as possible. The idea is to try to earn as many credits as you can per match, so you can buy more loot crates, earn more cards, and get yourself better gear as quickly as possible.

Loot crates are the best way to get cards in bulk

Star Wars Battlefront progression guide -- Careful How You Spend

To get better Star Cards, you want to spend most of your credits buying loot crates. Crates offer the fastest way to get cards, but their contents are random, so you have no idea what you might be buying. Loot crates can dish out cards for all the different classes, though, as well as more credits and crafting parts. You need all of them, eventually. Crates are divided into three types: Trooper crates, Starfighter crates, and Hero crates: Each crate type guarantees you get some Star Cards related to those particular groups. Trooper crates are the most useful, and thus the most expensive, at 4,000 credits each.

You can also spend credits to unlock new hero characters for multiplayer. You’ll start with a set of seven or eight heroes, whose availability vary based on what map you’re playing, but you can spend your credits to unlock more characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. While new heroes don’t count toward your progress, you might want to make sure you have the credits you need to unlock them before you start dishing out your cash on a ton of random loot crates. It’s best to prioritize your Hero purchases one of two ways: Either buy ones you can’t live without or the ones you have the most cards for. We suggest you do this fairly early or if you have a larger than average surplus of credits. Most of the time, though, you want to spend your credits on loot crates. You’ll get more mileage out of ramping up your base classes than you will out of your heroes, since you will use your regular trooper loadouts much more often.