Amazon can now ship a house to your home, though delivery costs $3,700

If you’re after a new living space, you can now hop onto Amazon and buy an entire house, albeit a very small one, in just a few clicks.

The tiny home — called, would you believe, Tiny Home — costs $36,000, but Amazon Prime members shouldn’t expect it to be delivered within two hours, nor for free. Instead, you’ll have to fork out a further $3,700 for shipping, with delivery promised within three weeks.

Offered by Wisconsin-based MODS International, Tiny Home is aimed at people who want to focus on “simpler living in a smaller space,” and is the smallest of its designs. It might help if the buyers are on the small side, too.

MODS builds its range of houses using new shipping containers, though not surprisingly, only one is needed for Tiny Home. The 320-square-foot construction comes fully furnished, and includes a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, and living area. At one end you’ll find double patio doors, while the design also includes plumbing capability and electrical connections. It’s fully insulated, too, and comes with heating and air conditioning.

Now, Tiny Home isn’t the prettiest tiny home on the block, as you’ll realize when you check out these extraordinary designs from around the world. But for this kind of money, it could be a viable option for some folks on a budget, or anyone wanting to set up a second living space, perhaps away from their main address. Or in their yard, if it’s large enough.

Not everyone, however, has been singing the praises of MODS’ crate-style homes. In 2016, for example, residents in the Wisconsin city of Milton balked at the idea of such a unit turning up in their district, with some “expressing concern that a lower-valued home that does not aesthetically fit the neighborhood would decrease their property values,” according to a report by local media.

MODS, on the other hand, says many advantages come with a smaller home, including “mobility, reduced carbon footprint, little or no debt due to the low building costs and expenditures, lower taxes, and decreased maintenance.”

If you’re after more of a cabin than a fully fledged home, Amazon also offers a number of solutions such as this Allwood design for $4,300 (free shipping!), and this more elaborate-looking “barn wood shed kit” from Best Barns for $11,300 (shipping for a rather odd $4.49).