Bid adieu to plastic for good with the self-cleaning Quartz Bottle

You’re doing what you can to save the planet, what with your hybrid car, your recycling habits, and your ethically sourced clothing. But when it comes to your water, it can be difficult to wean yourself off plastic bottles. No matter how great your reusable water bottle looks, it’s hard to avoid water bottle odor. The reason, of course, is the difficulty associated with actually cleaning one of these guys. And if you put in less-than-clean water … well, your bottle might be dirty for the rest of its existence. Luckily, there may just be a solution yo that — meet the Quartz Bottle, a self-cleaning bottle that promises instant water purification.

The sleek bottle claims to leverage UV-C LED light in order to eliminate up to 99.9999 percent of bio-contaminants from both your water and the surface of your bottle. That means that the water that leaves your bottle is even cleaner than the water you put into it. The UV-C LED light is emitted in the 280nm range, which is said to be the “optimal wavelength of light to eradicate bacteria and viruses.” To activate this technology, simply touch a button on the Quartz’s lid; from there, the UV light will get to work, eliminating harmful and odor-causing bacteria and viruses. The purification feature is activated automatically every four hours, ensuring that both the container and its contents are kept clean and fresh at all times.

“We all want to drink more water and use less plastic, but existing reusable bottles do not always make it easy and the results for our health and environment are appalling,” said Justin Wang, co-founder at Quartz. “The Quartz bottle delivers pure water from a self-cleaning bottle all while looking brilliant, so there will be no need to reach for a one-use plastic bottle.”

If you’re out in the great outdoors and find yourself out of clean water, the Quartz Bottle claims to be able to purify even the water you find in a stream — simply activate the travel setting, called “Adventure Mode,” to get an extra serving of cleaning power when it’s most needed. Rather than depending upon filters or mercury tubes (which are often found in UV water purification technology), the Quartz bottle depends only on a power charge (which can keep your bottle going for up to three months).

Constructed with professional-grade stainless steel that is BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free, the bottle is also double-walled and vacuum sealed in order to keep beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. You can pre-order a Quartz Bottle now from Kickstarter for $59. Shipment is expected in March 2018.