Elegant Ember Ceramic Mug keeps your coffee hot through the long, cold winter

Now that the season for cold brew has (sadly) passed us by, there’s no reason to subject ourselves to cold coffee — especially when that coffee was intended to be consumed at a comfortingly warm temperature. Here to help ensure that your morning cup of Joe is kept at its ideal temperature is the latest product from Ember: The Ceramic Mug. Building upon its previously released Ember Mug, a travel mug that allowed hot beverage consumers to maintain a steady temperature inside their cup throughout the day, the new Ceramic Mug is a sleek coffee cup that you’ll want to display on your desk.

Like its predecessor, the Ember Ceramic Mug will be made available for purchase at Starbucks locations across the country and at the Ember website. The cup is constructed with durable stainless steel and a reinforced ceramic coating, and along with its matching charging coaster, gives you a rather pleasant combination of design and active thermal technology.

“Just a few degrees can make a big difference in taste. We’ve seen coffee lovers from all walks of life embrace the connection between taste and temperature first-hand with the success of our first product, the Ember Travel Mug,” said Clay Alexander, founder and CEO of Ember. “Our mission is to enhance your drinking experience by allowing you to choose the temperature that tastes best, so you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee for as long as you want.”

The Ceramic Mug is embedded with a number of temperature sensors and a microprocessor-controlled, dual-band heating system, which promises to keep your coffee or tea at your preferred temperature. To set your temperature, simply make your way over to your smartphone, where you can control your mug’s contents with the touch of a finger. The Ember mobile app allows you to swipe your way across temperatures, and will remember your preferences so that the next time you pour yourself a hot beverage, it’ll automatically be set to your optimal drinking setting.

While the Ember Ceramic Mug isn’t quite as portable as its older sibling (it doesn’t have a lid), it costs significantly less at $80 (the Ember Mug will set you back $150). So if you’re in need of coffee that stays hot this cold season, you may want to check out Ember.