Google’s ‘Files Go’ gives Android users an easy way to share their files

Apple’s AirDrop has long been an extremely easy and convenient way to share files among Apple devices, but it looks like Google is finally working on a competitor — Files Go.

The new app was first spotted on Google Play in closed beta by 9to5Google and while the app has since been pulled, the outlet was able to get its hands on some screenshots and find out some of the features through the Google Play listing.

According to the report, the new app will partly act as a file manager and partly as a way to transfer files between devices. You also get a rundown of how much space is being used and some tools you can use to clean up your phone’s files — freeing up valuable space you could use for other things. You can also filter files based where they came from to more easily comb through them on your phone — for example, you could see files from WhatsApp, which would show photos that your friends have sent you.

There is certainly some app crossover here, but the app could still prove to be very useful. For starters, those that avidly use Google Drive probably already have most of their files in the cloud. Not only that, but Google Photos already has a way to clean up unnecessary files — though the new utility won’t be limited to photos and images.

Of course, the real draw for the app will be quick and easy file transfer and it seems as though the service will work over Bluetooth — meaning you can transfer files to other devices even if those devices are online, and without having to eat up some of your data. In other words, it’s an Android version of AirDrop, which also uses Bluetooth.

It’s currently unknown who exactly will be able to take advantage of the new app. Some theories suggest that considering the name of the app, “Files Go,” it will only be available on the Android Go operating system, a stripped-down version of Android built for emerging markets where phones may not be as powerful. A report from TechCrunch, however, instead says that the app will be available globally at the beginning of December. On top of that, someone managed to get the app’s APK — and if you’re so inclined you can download it for yourself here, as long as you have Android 5.0 or later.