How to trigger every ‘Destiny 2’ Heroic public event and max out your loot

Destiny 2‘s public events provide nice, little challenges to blast through while en route to your next mission, Strike, Adventure, or between attempts at conquering the Leviathan Raid. Completing Public Events, which reoccur in set locations across each planet’s map, drops a treasure chest with a bit of loot. As your power level gets higher, Public Events may no longer feel challenging and the rewards might not be worth your time. That’s where Heroic Public Events come in. Heroic events are activated while in the middle of an event. Triggering Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events makes the foes much stronger, but you reap the rewards with more powerful gear drops and increased Glimmer. Here’s how to trigger all Heroic Public Events in Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Cabal Excavation

This public event can be found on Io and EDZ. Simply stand in the white circle surrounding the drill and take out the invading enemies. The “Overriding Lander” timer tracks your progress to 100 percent. Right around the 30 percent mark, a smaller Cabal ship called a Thresher will come into view and circle the drill site. Concentrate your fire on the ship. Destroy it and the event will turn Heroic. A strong Cabal Centurion called an Excavator Valus spawns. Avoid the boss’ spray of missiles and take it down to complete the event.

Stop the Witches Ritual

Nestled inside a building on Titan, your team must stop the Hive Witches Ritual. Two Hive Wizards conjure up a spell to open a giant portal at the end of the room. To turn the event Heroic, you must stand in each of the two green circles (located on opposite sides of the room) and shoot the crystals at the top of the big portal. Once the first crystal is taken down, you are given a time bonus to eliminate the other. After both have been eliminated, the event turns heroic and a large, powerful knight will come through the portal instead of a witch.

Glimmer Extraction

Available at several locations in the EDZ and on Nessus, Glimmer Extraction tasks you with stopping Fallen from mining every Guardian’s favorite shiny rock. The event can be completed by running around and taking out each Fallen enemy you encounter, but to trigger the Heroic event, you must refrain from being trigger happy. During each wave, a small contraption spawns right next to the drill. Destroy the machine first, then take out the Fallen. Do this three times, and the Heroic event will begin.

In the Heroic phase, your team must defend a large pile of Glimmer from the Fallen: Take out your enemies while standing in the designated position.

Taken Blight

A straightforward event that involves slaughtering large quantities of Taken, Taken Blight turns Heroic by taking out a set of large, floating orbs while using a special, easy-to-miss buff. Throughout the three waves, tall pillars encased in force fields surrounding a large floating Taken blob. Step into the force fields to earn Blight Receding status. To destroy the blight blob, step back out of the field quickly shoot the orb until the buff disappears. The Blight can only take damage when you have that buff. Rinse and repeat until the blob is defeated to turn the event Heroic. From there, take out the Blightmaker and rake in the rewards.

Injection Rig

In this event, the Cabal will drop a large injection rig. To start, you must take out three Infiltrator Psions. When they are defeated, vents emanating heat will appear in three spots around the rig. Three vents will open at the top, then three in the center, and finally one at the bottom. Destroy these vents to trigger the Heroic event. With the vents eliminated, a strong Centurion will spawn, signaling that the event has successfully triggered the Heroic event. While doing this, do not kill the Infiltrator Valus. If you do, the event will be completed sans Heroic. After the vents are destroyed, take out the Valus and the surrounding enemies to win the Heroic battle.

Disrupt Vex Construction

During the Vex Construction event, Vex funnel toward a sacrificial circle called the conflux. You must shoot them before they are able to complete their sacrifice. To trigger the Heroic event, you must capture three areas that surround the confluxes. The areas in question can be found by following the radiating white lines from the center of the conflux. A timer will count to 100 when capturing the areas. Once the three areas are captured, the Heroic event begins. To finish the event, take out the Hydra, a large, flying Vex.

This one is particularly challenging with fewer than three guardians, as splitting up to capture points helps you meet the conditions for triggering the Heroic event.

Ether Resupply

The Ether Resupply event involves taking out a giant Servitor, which happens to be a rather annoying bullet sponge. You may be tempted to concentrate all of your fire on the large foe, but to trigger the Heroic event, pay attention to the smaller Servitors that spawn throughout the event. Once you see one of the lesser foes, quickly direct your fire to them. They won’t be there long, but if you kill two of the smaller Servitors in two consecutive waves, the heroic event will trigger.

In the Heroic event, the large Servitor will become much stronger: Keep firing until it’s blasted to smithereens to complete the event.

Arsenal Walker — Weapons Exchange

The Arsenal Walker event simply asks you to take down one of these large mechanical beasts. But if you want the heroic version, you have to play a variant of capture-the-flag. Once the Walker falls down, it will drop arc charge orbs. Grab these orbs and carry them over to the shields surrounding the Walker to deposit them. You and your fellow Guardians will need to secure and drop-off six orbs in total — two for each shield — before the walker is defeated. When you do, a second walker drops onto the battlefield, and the Heroic event begins.

Vex Crossroads

Curse of Osiris‘ new public event, Vex Crossroads, pretty much asks you to complete it as you normally would before triggering the Heroic event. Mow down the Vex until the meter reaches 100 percent. When the gatekeepers arrive, pick your side, grab the charges, and place them at the gate. You will then be blasted through the air onto an island where you must destroy the Keeper of Ages. Afterward, instead of heading back, turn around to see a large floating crystal at the end of the island. Shoot the crystal to create a platform. Look for the next crystal and continue shooting and creating platforms until you wind up at the very top of the island. Stand on the center marker for a few moments to bring on the Heroic event.

With the new version triggered, you have to hunt down and kill Gatekeepers to lower the Gate Lord’s shield. Each time you kill a Gatekeeper, it will drop several keys (orbs). Take the orbs to the glowing launch pad to vault onto a circular platform to place the orbs. Fire away when the Gate Lord’s shields go down. You will have to repeat the process a few times, but keep going and the Gate Lord will fall.