InfoWatch to announce security-focused Taiga phone at GITEX Technology Week 2017

Russian security firm InfoWatch Group will announce its new Taiga smartphone at GITEX Technology Week 2017. Tech Radar reported that the company says that its upcoming smartphone is aimed at preventing data leaks, which have become of increasing concern as of late.

The technology itself has been in development for four years, with both Infowatch Group and Taiga Systems systems contributing. InfoWatch Group claims that the the phone will protect users from leaks of sensitive data such as contacts, SMS, geodata, photos, videos, and documents.  The firm also claims that the phone will protect corporations from unintentional employee leaks.

“With the rising risk of data leaks through consumer mobile devices, smartphone manufacturers, and software developers, the best way for corporations to reliably protect their information on a mobile device is the Taiga system that eliminates software backdoors and integrates DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Software,” Kristina Tantsyura, General Manager of InfoWatch Gulf, said.

As far as the phone’s software is concerned, not much is known about it right now aside from the fact that it will be running “proprietary Android 6.0 firmware.” This means that users of this smartphone will not be running the latest versions of the Android OS, but, given that it is aimed at corporate clients, we don’t see that being a major issue. We doubt too many people will go out and purchase this phone as their primary device, but we could see it becoming a popular work phone for companies that give out those sorts of things to their employees.

Security concerns are becoming increasingly relevant in recent years as more people, especially politicians and those in the business community, become informed regarding the risks of hacks and data thefts. InfoWatch is far from the only company to target this growing audience. We recently reported on Google’s upcoming security program which will make use of two physical keys in order to secure a user’s data.

More information on the phone could be revealed at GITEX Technology Week 2017. The event will feature numerous tech companies, conferences, and exhibits, and will take place October 8-12 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.