Keep your new phone safe: Here are 6 of the best iPhone 8 screen protectors

So you’ve just dropped big bucks on Apple’s latest — the iPhone 8 — and you’re itching to test out the wireless charging, to put the A11 Bionic processor through its paces, and gawk at the device’s True Tone display. But as the screen goes dark, you stare into the abyss — and it stares into you. You suddenly remember all the broken screens of your past. How did that happen? How can you prevent it happening with your new phone? Pretty easily, as it turns out.

As smartphone displays have increased in both size and quality, protecting that part of your phone has become more and more of a priority. We’ve advocated for the use of a good screen protector for a long time now, and the iPhone 8 is no exception to that rule. But how do you find reliable protection that’s designed for safeguarding your phone’s display? This list of the best iPhone 8 screen protectors is a great place to start. We’ve screened the best screen protectors, so you can find the perfect offering for your iPhone 8. Read on for more details.

Note: Since Apple’s latest headset is the same size as the its predecessor, our roundup of the best iPhone 7 screen protectors is also applicable to the iPhone 8.

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