LG’s killer OLED TV deals let you skip the Black Friday nightmare

Black Friday is notorious for hordes of angry, stampeding shoppers, long hours for retail workers, and even fatalities, but it’s also hailed as the best shopping day of the year. This year, some of the biggest Black Friday discounts we’ve seen are on LG OLED TVs, with 10 4K HDR OLED models currently discounted to some of their lowest prices yet — no crazy trip to the store necessary.

The most striking discount is on the 55-inch B7A, which is just $1,500 — the lowest price that we’ve seen on an OLED of this caliber — or as LG puts it, the “best price ever.” The 65-inch B7A is available for $2,300.

While we haven’t reviewed the B7, we did review the previous model, the B6, and awarded it with a perfect score. We also reviewed the next step up in the series, the LG C7, which also earned a perfect score. While the B7 and C7 have different audio features (the C7 supports Dolby Atmos, while the B7 does not), they feature identical video quality, which is by far the C7’s best feature. A pair of C7 models are included in the Black Friday deals.

Another standout model included in the Black Friday deals is the W7, which is by far the best TV we’ve ever had to pleasure of testing. The wallpaper design is superb and the picture is jaw-droppingly beautiful, plus it supports every HDR format. At launch, the 77-inch W7 model cost a whopping $20,000, but the LG Black Friday deal cuts out a quarter of the price, bringing it down to $15,000.

The reason OLED TVs tend to look so good is because their displays use specialized technology that differs from regular LED TVs to create deep blacks for a crisp picture with deep contrast ratios and impeccable viewing angles. In short, each pixel is able to be turned on and off individually, allowing for perfect black levels in between the shiny colors of your favorite movies, and therefore, incredible contrast and detail.


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If you’re planning on buying an OLED 4K TV this year, now is the time to do it — and do it fast. The Black Friday 2017 discounts only last until November 27, and once stocks are sold out, they’re gone. Check out the entire rundown of the discounts by model below, and be sure to head to LG’s official page for the promotion for store locations and online retailers.