Next year’s emojis might have ability to reverse the direction they’re facing

Emojis have become essential to crafting the perfect text, so it is no surprise that the library only keeps growing. Along those lines, Unicode has officially announced the Unicode 11.0 beta list for 2018, which includes about 130 draft candidates.

The latest list features a range of popular additions including a cupcake, sliced bagel, kangaroo, and teddy bear. Under smiley faces, there is one with a party hat surrounding by confetti and one blushing with three hearts. Some earlier candidates, including the grinning face with OK in place of the eyes and the frowning face with question marks as eyes, didn’t make the cut.

The beloved smiling poop emoji in a frowning variation has also been removed from the list. While the “Pile of Poo” looks different depending on the operating systems, the ones available are always grinning. The new addition was supposed to give users another emotion to express.

A proposed update was also published in Unicode’s emoji documentation regarding emoji direction. The new section of the document mentions “emoji with glyphs that face to the right or left may face either direction, according to vendor preference.” This could mean that emojis in the future, such as the runner or the train, will be able to face left or right.

Emoji users have apparently been requesting to be able to flip emoji direction for a long time now. If it’s approved, it will most likely only apply to emojis that would benefit from the feature the most.

As Unicode releases more emojis throughout the years, the options are becoming more inclusive — offering men and women in a variety of occupations and with a variety of physical traits. Unicode 11.0 still has a person with red hair, white hair, and curly hair listed as possible choices in terms of people emojis.

According to Unicode, final decisions about next year’s emoji list won’t be made until January. After the final emoji list is published, users can expect the new emojis to roll out on major platforms like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google during the second half of 2018.

Update: Unicode announces beta of version of next year’s emoji release