Ready to ride? These are the best touring motorcycles you can buy

It’s fall, which means it’s time to plan vacations to check out the leaves. In the northern United States, fall marks the start of reasonable riding weather after a long, hot summer, so if your thoughts of vacation and bike riding morph into long-haul or cross-country rides, this guide is for you. Check out the best touring motorcycles currently on the market.

There are loads of bikes that are great for corner-to-corner rides, running errands, styling around town, commuting, or weekend trips of no more than a couple hundred miles. There are also numerous good options for beginners, and the electric bike segment is getting bigger and bigger. But if you’re going to pile on 300 or 500 miles a day, you won’t want to do so on most street bikes or cruisers — and certainly not multiple days in a row. Long rides call for touring bikes with sufficient weight, wheelbase, suspension, and seating to keep you stable and comfortable. You’ll need plenty of power with truck-dodging reserves. And you can never have too much storage space.

We checked out major motorcycle companies that sell touring bikes in the U.S. If they have more than one touring model or trim, we chose the biggest, most fully dressed bike in the lineup. The starting prices range from just under $13,000 to more than $40,000. Most brands also have long personalization sheets, which can boost the price by thousands if you so choose. Below, you’ll find the top models from a host of two-wheel manufacturers. We even added three-wheelers, just to make things more interesting. If you’re in need of a helmet, read through our list of the best smart helmets on the market.

Touring two-wheelers