Reelgood buys Netflix Roulette so you can leave your entertainment up to chance

We’ve come a long way since the dawn of television and its limited selection of channels and programming. But now that we’ve all the content in the world, it seems as though we’re (almost) yearning for those days of yore. After all, with so many shows, networks, and streaming services to choose from, how are we really supposed to relax? Here to help answer that question is Reelgood, branded as the “TV Guide for streamers with every streaming source in one place.”

Initially launched in 2015 as an iPhone app, Reelgood got its start as more of a social network for movie buffs. But it soon became apparent that what people really need is a way to discover the best of Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and every other service, all in one place.

If you check out Reelgood, you’ll be able to see content from more than 300 streaming services without going to 300 websites. Sure, it’s still a bit overwhelming, but in some sense, it’s a lot easier than going to each of these different services and trying to find your next binge.

When you sign up for the free service, you can select the services you want displayed (or more saliently, the ones you already subscribe to), with options including Fox, CBS, HBO, and of course, Netflix and Hulu. You can then browse by genre or keyword, and you’ll also see recommended content like popular and trending shows, or new releases. The service also displays IMDB ratings, movie trailers, and summaries to make your life easier.

Once you’ve made a decision about what you want to watch, Reelgood takes you directly to the service hosting that content, and you can continue on your merry way.

If, however, you find the idea of making a decision with so much content to choose from a bit overwhelming, you can just leave your entertainment up to chance. Reelgood recently acquired Netflix Roulette, which as its name suggests, randomly selects a Netflix title for you to watch. But now that it’s living under Reelgood’s umbrella, the selection of titles aren’t pulled exclusively from Netflix, but rather from services like HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Starz, and Showtime as well.

“The creator of Netflix Roulette reached out to us to request API access, and as we got into further conversations, it became clear he had moved on to other projects and no longer had time and energy to maintain the product,” said Catharine Burhenne, head of growth at Reelgood. “Combining Netflix Roulette with our massive library of over 300 streaming sources seemed like a great fit for Netflix Roulette users and Reelgood users alike.”

As it stands, Reelgood is available only on iOS and on desktop, but the team tells Digital Trends that an Android version will be available by the end of the year.

Update: Reelgood has acquired Netflix Roulette.