Ring Protect may never see the light of day following an ADT lawsuit

Ring has been making home security items like doorbells and cameras for a few years now, so it only made sense when the company ventured into the home security hub market to compete with the likes of companies like Nest. While the Ring Protect smart home security hub hoped to chime louder than other systems using its relatively affordable $199 price tag, it may never do so at all, due to a lawsuit.

Last week, a judge in Delaware ruled to block the sale of Ring products as the result of a lawsuit that involves Ring and security company ADT. According to Law360, ADT claims that Ring acquired security trade secrets through less than honest means. The lawsuit alleges that the company used “theft and felony” to take technology from ADT after a company called Zonoff, Inc. defaulted on debts it owed to ADT, as per a Law360 report. Consequently, Ring cannot sell any items that leverage the intellectual property under scrutiny, which includes the Ring Protect.

“We are pleased with the Court’s decision to enter a preliminary injunction against Ring’s improper use of ADT’s intellectual property,” ADT said in a statement. “ADT respects the intellectual property of others, as we expect others to respect our own; and we look forward to a successful final resolution of this matter.”

Ring Protect was only announced about a month ago. It’s said to be a do-it-yourself, customizable home security system hub that lets you control your Ring doorbell and cameras, as well as any other smart security items you’ve got set up, including locks, lights, carbon monoxide detectors, thermostats, sensors, and more.

Jamie Siminoff, chief inventor and founder of the company, said Ring is able to offer the smart home hub cheaper than others because it creates all the products in-house, which brings the cost down.

“We are building everything ourselves end to end, and by doing that, we’re able to control the margins,” Siminoff told Digital Trends. “We’re 100 percent vertically integrated.”

The company promises easy setup of the Protect, which requires no tools and is a small, white boxlike hub. The device features battery and LTE cellular backup that allows the system to keep running even if the power goes out or broadband is unavailable. The starter kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor for a window or a door, and a passive infrared sensor.

“At Ring, everything we make is designed to establish and enhance a ring of security around homes and neighborhoods,” Siminoff said. “Ring Protect provides an incredibly effective level of security when compared to traditional, expensive systems, yet comes at a fraction of the cost since it was developed in-house. Offering an effective, inexpensive solution means more homeowners can afford and use Ring Protect, which in turn leads to safer neighborhoods.”

Update: An ADT lawsuit may mean that Ring Protect never sees the light of day.