Sick of sleepless nights? Bose wants to help with noise-masking earbuds

It’s a common problem for people to not get enough sleep. While this is partially caused by working long hours or too many Netflix binge sessions, distracting noises such as traffic or a snoring partner can be a major hindrance to a good night’s sleep. While it can’t do anything to prevent you from marathoning Stranger Things, Bose is working on a solution to the noise problem in the form of its “noise-masking sleepbuds.”

The largest benefit of these sleepbuds is that they help drown out ambient noise by playing soothing sounds to lull you to sleep. The product’s page makes no mention of the ability to add your own sounds to the list, but Bose says that the device comes pre-loaded with sounds that “have been designed to be soothing and to fade from your attention while effectively obscuring unwanted disturbances.”

Another useful  feature is the ability to set an alarm via the app on your smartphone. While those who don’t share a room with anyone else may not have much use for this option, we can see it being very helpful if you need to get up without waking your partner.

One question we have about this device is how well the buds work at blocking sounds without the white noise playing. That could well be one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not this product is a success. While white noise does help many people fall asleep, there are doubtless some who find it more harmful than helpful. Secondly, there are plenty of products and smartphone apps designed around this premise so it remains to be seen how useful this one will be.

Those fears aside, Bose’s upcoming earbuds already appear to have found an enthusiastic audience. As of the time of this reporting, the product’s Indiegogo campaign has already raised more than $426,000. The campaign launched with a flexible goal of $50,000.

The sleepbuds are currently estimated to cost $249, though early backers do receive a rather large discount. As of right now, however, all of the discounted tiers are sold out, though Bose may add more as the campaign continues.