The best alarm clocks to kickstart your day

Over the past decade, many of us have gotten used to setting our alarm clocks on our smartphones rather than purchasing a dedicated device for our nightstands. Despite their seeming obsolescence, an array of cutting-edge clocks have hit the market to aid us with everything from falling asleep to promoting better sleep cycles. Now, even Amazon is getting into the alarm clock game, having recently introduced the Echo Spot, a device that resembles a Magic 8 Ball and functions much like the Echo Show.

If Amazon’s alarm clock isn’t your cup of tea, however, then there’s probably another cutting-edge device for you. Light sleepers may require a little background noise throughout the evening, while deep sleepers need louder alarms to wake them in the morning. There are even alarm clocks that utilize lighting technology instead of traditional alarm functions, thus allowing for a steady, gradual sunrise in your bedroom. People are finicky about their sleeping habits, but, fortunately, one of the best alarm clocks available can probably match your lifestyle and budget.

Here are some of our current favorites.

The Best

The Rest

Update: Added the SmartShaker 2 and JE Stereo Bluetooth Speaker.