The best ski and snowboard pants for resort romping or backcountry touring

After a proper winter jacket, your ski or snowboard pants are the most important piece of apparel to keep you warm and comfortable while you shred the slopes. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, they have a tough job to do — keep your legs protected from the elements, allow for unrestricted movement, and uphold serious abrasion during unavoidable wipeouts.

The exact type of pant you choose depends on a number of variables, most notably the climate and weather conditions of the area you’ll be riding, as well as your goals. Backcountry skiers will likely opt for a different style than strictly resort-goers. For colder climates, you’re probably going to want an insulated pair while in wetter climates, you’re going to need a pair with the best weather resistance. To help, here are our picks for the best ski pants on the market.