The Mitte water system doesn’t just purify — it adds minerals to your water, too

Who says all water is created equal? Certainly not the team at Mitte, the Berlin-based company seeking to improve lives with healthy water. Now, Mitte debuted an at-home, countertop smart water purification system that promises to not only distill your water, but also provide customized mineral enhancements. So whether you’re in need of more calcium or want a bit of zinc in your water, the Mitte can offer you water that suits you.

Attempting to cut down on the waste created by bottled water and the potential contaminants found in tap water, Mitte seeks to replicate the naturally occurring process by which water picks up minerals as it flows through rocks. While traditional water purifiers can remove bacteria and pollutants, they don’t do much to actually enhance the taste or the benefits of water. With Mitte, however, you will be able to personalize your drinking water with three cartridges that contain various levels of natural minerals and ingredients.

There is the alkaline cartridge, which features a high pH level to neutralize acid in the body and bloodstream, thereby contributing to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. There is also the balance cartridge, which is filled with basic minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The neutral taste of this water makes it ideal for brewing coffee or tea, or preparing baby food. Finally, there is the vitality cartridge, which contains a higher concentration of these basic minerals, alongside trace minerals like manganese, iron, selenium, and zinc, leading to what is said to be a “more complex taste.”

Of course, there is a companion app to help you dispense water at preselected temperatures and keep tabs on your water quality and consumption quantity. And thanks to the sleek design of the Mitte, you ought to be able to fit this purifier just about anywhere in your home and in your life.

“We want to redefine the way people think about drinking water. ‘Healthy water’ combines the purest purification system with personalized minerals, providing consumers with a unique experience that gives them complete control of their hydration and wellness,” Moritz Waldstein, founder and CEO of Mitte, said in a statement. “Water is usually overlooked as a source of minerals, but it actually contains several of the essential minerals for human body, often removed in the purification process by common filtration systems. Mitte not only purifies, but also enhances drinking water with minerals to create the perfect, curated water for each user’s needs, all from home.”

You can pre-order the Mitte from Kickstarter for the early bird price of $199. Shipment is expected in May 2018.