The StarkBoard is a hands-free, remote-free eboard for your outdoor adventures

As convenient and exciting as electric skateboards may seem in theory, there’s something less than intuitive about controlling the board beneath your feet with your hands. Using a remote control to determine your speed isn’t always the best when it comes to quick braking or safe acceleration, especially if you’re a novice skateboarder just learning to keep your balance. Luckily, not all eboards require a hand-held remote. Meet the StarkBoard from Stark Mobility, a remote-free, hands-free, electric skateboard that is said to require just three minutes to master. All you need to do is step on it, tilt your body, and ride.

In some ways, it sounds a bit like a feet-only Segway. The board, powered by two HUB motors and an AI-powered smart braking system, will move with your body — if you lean forward, the board goes forward. The StarkBoard features a custom gyroscope sensor and intelligent weight and motion sensors to detect changes in your body’s positioning, and adjust its own motion accordingly.

As you continue to lean forward (and accelerate), the StarkBoard is said to track your body movements and provide continual assistance, so you’re never riding unprotected. And as for your acceleration, you’ll be able to hit pretty impressive speeds with this eboard — up to 20 miles per hour. That said, if ever you step off the board, the StarkBoard will automatically activate the brakes, ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t take off without you. Thanks to a smart braking system, you can come to a complete stop even if you’re on an incline.

The StarkBoard’s battery is said to power the board for up to 13 miles, and when you receive your board, you’ll already find your battery charged and ready for its maiden voyage. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the eboard also features LED lights, which allow for safe riding in darker conditions. Plus, the IP62 rating means that the StarkBoard is both dust- and splash-proof.

You can pre-order the StarkBoard now from Indiegogo for the early bird price of $449, about 55 percent off its retail price of $999. Shipment for the board is anticipated for January 2018, so you can start your new year off with some excitement.