Tulo is a bed in a box that you can really try before you buy

After years of relying exclusively on ecommerce and avoiding brick-and-mortar stores, it looks as though online sellers are beginning to see the value of physical locations. Everlane and Warby Parker, who began as strictly online sellers, today boast permanent storefronts, while on the other end of the spectrum, established brands like Walmart — and now Mattress Firm — are investing in an online model. Enter Tulo, a new bed-in-a-box brand from Mattress Firm that touts the convenience of choice as its major selling point.

While there is no shortage of bed-in-a-box brands hoping to lull customers to sleep, Tulo believes that its connection to Mattress Firm and its more than 3,000 locations nationwide gives it something of a leg up. Rather than asking customers to buy a mattress sight unseen (or rather, comfort unfelt), Tulo has the added advantage of having retail locations in which folks can actually try a mattress before they buy it (though there’s still a 120-day return policy).

With three different mattress comfort levels, Tulo aims to provide its customers with the optionality they need for a good night’s sleep. After all, the size of your mattress shouldn’t be the only thing you can control when shopping for a place to rest your head. With the straightforward names of Tulo Soft, Medium, and Firm, each of these three mattresses are designed for different kinds of sleepers. Soft promises to be best for side sleepers, relieving pressure on the shoulders and hips; Medium is best for stomach sleepers; and Firm was created with back sleepers in mind. But even if you’re unsure of which mattress would best suit your needs, you don’t have to guess — just go to your neighborhood Mattress Firm to find out.

“We fundamentally believe that one is not a choice, and that everyone should be able to choose the mattress that provides them with the best night’s sleep based upon their comfort needs,” said Sunni Goodman, SVP of communications at Mattress Firm and Tulo brand ambassador. “We understand a mattress is a personal investment and strive to accommodate consumers with choice, including the mattress’ comfort level, how they experience it, and, ultimately, how they purchase and receive it.”

All of Tulo’s mattresses feature a four-layer design that promises to increase airflow, thereby helping to keep sleepers cool throughout their repose.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Tulo lies in its pricing. Bed-in-a-box mainstay Casper sells its Queen mattress for $950. You can buy the same sized mattress from Tulo for $650. Shipping in free (with the option of having a delivery expert unbox and set up the new mattress, and even take away the old one), and mattresses are said to arrive in two days or less.