You’ve watched OK Go’s stunning music video, now watch these five others

Continuing to think outside of the box with the direction and creation of their music videos, OK Go utilized their artistic lens to create a vibrant and beautiful music video for their latest single, Obsession. Using stop-motion techniques and a wall of 567 printers that continually spewed reams of colored paper, the Los Angeles-based group was able to create one of the most impressive videos of 2017.

The striking beauty and attention to detail of Obsession is in line with the band’s other music videos. It’s also reminiscent of the band’s videos for I Won’t Let You Down, which used an aerial drone to capture a choreographed routine, and the zero-gravity nature of Upside Down & Inside Out.

That said, OK Go isn’t the only band that’s crafted a music video to be proud of. With that in mind, here are five other inventive and imaginative music videos that rival the creativity of Obsession.