CNN Plus is now available on Roku

A week after it soft-launched in web browsers and six days after it was officially available to nearly everyone else, CNN+ is now coming to the largest streaming platform in the United States — Roku.

It’ll require an update to the existing CNN Go app, which will be home to both live CNN content (which still requires some sort of live TV subscription), as well as all the new CNN+ content, which includes up to a dozen live daily shows, a handful of new original series, and more than 1,000 hours of programming. If the CNN Go app doesn’t update on its own, you can force Roku to check by going to the System Update section of the Settings menu.

It’ll be the same app whether you’re using a Roku player, or a Roku TV.

CNN+ also is where you’ll find the new “Interview Club,” which allows you to ask questions of the hosts and get answers on a semiregular basis. Think of it as part Reddit AMA, part Instagram Stories. But do note that it’s not actually available in the Roku app (or any other TV-based platform) just yet — it’s just on mobile and web browsers for now, for the obvious reason that you have to be able to type out a question in the first place. Questions will be moderated by an internal (and human) team at CNN+ before being shown online.

CNN+ costs $6 a month, or $60 a year. But you can get it for just $3 a month if you sign up by April 26, and you’ll be able to keep that price “for life” — or until you cancel your subscription. Original shows feature CNN names like Anderson Cooper, Poppy Harlow, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and Brian Stelter, as well as new(ish) ones like Scott Galloway, Rex Chapman, and more.

With its arrival on Roku, CNN+ is now available on every major streaming platform. That also includes Amazon Fire TV (which is the second-largest platform in the United States), Apple TV, Android TV and Google TV, as well as in web browsers.