Deathloop’s Latest Update Makes Invasions Harder For Colts

Deathloop‘s island of Blackreef is going to be vastly different the next time players visit it thanks to the game’s latest patch. Deathloop‘s Game Update 2 is now available on PlayStation 5 and PC, and it drastically changes how non-playable characters (NPCs) react to players’ actions and makes invasions a bit harder for the Colts that don’t want to get involved.

Players can expect the game’s NPCs to get a pretty sizable intelligence boost. According to the update’s patch notes, NPCs will now react to bullets that pass close by, like headshots that miss. They’ll also react when another NPC is assassinated nearby and are more likely to hear nearby footfalls. As for grenade-happy players, NPCs are now able to figure out where grenades are thrown from, meaning players can’t just role-play as artillery.

Along with NPCs becoming a bit more of a hassle, players will also find that when they get invaded, it’s going to be much harder to avoid conflict. Quitting the game upon being invaded now results in a win for a player-controlled Julianna, and Colts who stay in a map’s tunnels upon being invaded will quickly be marked, with the tunnel doors thrown open. It’s also going to be harder for Colt players to simply escape Juliana, as the antenna that opens the tunnel doors now takes longer to hack.

Players on PS5 can also finally change a couple of essential graphics settings for Deathloop starting today. The game’s latest update adds field-of-view and motion-blur options on the next-gen console. A full list of patch notes for Deathloop‘s latest update can be found on the game’s website.