Machine Gun Kelly makes directorial debut with Good Mourning

Machine Gun Kelly has made his name as a musician and an occasional actor. However, for his next project, the rapper-turned-rocker wants people to know and remember his real name, Colson Baker, because he is about to make his directorial debut with the stoner comedy Good Mourning. Naturally, he is also set to star in the film.

Open Road Films has released two trailers for Good Mourning, the first of which is a very abbreviated and a very tame preview for this comedy. Baker plays London Clash, an actor who is on the cusp of greater stardom. However, London’s career aspirations no longer seem very important when his girlfriend seemingly breaks up with him in a confusing text.

The Red Band trailer goes for much raunchier comedy, and it shows us that London and his friends will deal with this problem like they deal with everything else: By getting really high.

Here’s the official synopsis from Open Road Films:

“Good Mourning follows movie star London Clash (Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, acting and directing under his own name). When he wakes up to an implied breakup text from the love of his life, his world is turned upside down. And the timing couldn’t be worse because the most important meeting of his career is scheduled for later that same day. Compounded by chaotic roommates, and wildly unpredictable twists and turns, London’s day keeps going downhill until, ultimately, he is forced to choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture.”

The film also stars Becky G, Dove Cameron, GaTa (one of many good things about the FXX show Dave), Zach Villa, Boo Johnson, Jenna Boyd, and Whitney Cummings. Pete Davidson and Megan Fox will be featured in cameo roles.

Good Mourning will be available on demand and in theaters on May 20.