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PS5 restock: Where You Can Buy Right Now

The PlayStation 5 has been out for a year now, but despite its positive reception, consumers have had a difficult time getting their hands on one. Sony has stated that the PS5 is its biggest console launch ever, indicating that the demand for it is unprecedented. Even video game industry professionals had difficulties acquiring one, leading to frustrations across the board. This isn’t exactly out of the ordinary with the launch of a highly anticipated console, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when trying to purchase one.

All of that said, there are retailers you can check and things you can do to improve your odds of finding a PS5 right now. Due to chip shortages across all types of hardware, it isn’t any easier to get a PS5 now as it was in 2020. However, here are some retailers you can check periodically to see if stock is available.

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PlayStation Direct

Before launch, Sony opened registration for PS5 preorders but used a seemingly arbitrary system for inviting consumers to put money toward the console. In essence, you could register to receive an invitation, and if Sony deemed you worthy enough, you’d get a link emailed to you, guaranteeing you could place money down (for a limited time).

The time for that has come and gone, but you can still purchase the system through PlayStation Direct … when they’re in stock. Fortunately, Sony Direct frequently has stock available, though the systems sell out quickly.

Sony now allows users to register to buy a PlayStation 5 system so long as they have a PlayStation Network ID, though, much like the pre-order process, potential buyers are selected at random.

Currently, they’re out of stock, but use the following links to keep checking.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition


Walmart often has PS5 stock for sale and when it does, the company typically has staggered availability that refreshes every 15 minutes for an hour. There aren’t any systems available now, but you might still be in luck if you keep checking in. Much like PlayStation Direct, Walmart has had multiple batches go up since the PS5 has launched. It’s just a matter of catching it at the right time.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:


Target offers a two-year warranty via its Allstate protection plan ($63) but otherwise doesn’t offer any additional deals. The online store is a good second option since it’s a bit more likely to stay in stock longer than places like Amazon. Again, the system has gone up for purchase on Target’s website several times since its launch, but is currently sold out.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:


Newegg may not be a household name like Target or Best Buy, but the retailer remains a powerhouse in the electronics space. The online retailer is known for offering steep discounts on everything from computer components to video doorbells. Since the launch of the PS5, Newegg has had both versions of the PS5 available for a short time. Oddly enough, you can find PS5 stock available through third parties via Newegg, but for significantly more than retail price, so it’s best to look elsewhere for now.

PS5 Standard Edition bundle:


At GameStop, you can typically find bundles that come with games, extra DualSense controllers, and accessories, but they sell out quickly. As for the base systems themselves, those tend to be available less frequently, but the retailer has been known to restock them every now and again. GameStop also offers pre-owned systems, but we don’t advocate buying anything except new.

Much like retailers we’ve mentioned, GameStop has had PS5 stock go in and out regularly since launch, so their website is worth visiting every so often.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:

Best Buy

Best Buy is a great choice if you want to add two-year protection through a Geek Squad warranty. This helps cover repairs for things like dust damage, spilled drinks, power surge damage, controller replacements, and other things. It’s a good choice for more boisterous households. Also, financing options are available if you have a Best Buy card.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:


Amazon’s stock is sure to go fast, so you should have your hand on the refresh button to prepare for this one. Otherwise, you can sign up to get email alerts for when the PS5 is in stock. Amazon is also a particularly excellent place to add accessories like charging stations, cameras, extra controllers, and more. Since launch, the retail giant hasn’t had stock as often as others, unfortunately.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:


B&H is another good alternative to set up in case your first pick goes out of stock too quickly. It has simple and effective stock alerts and fast buying options.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a strong choice if you already have a membership and want to earn rewards/loyalty points for your purchase. Sam’s Club is also known for having sales that make it a good choice for all-around Christmas shopping while you’re there.

PS5 Standard Edition:

PS5 Digital Edition:

What about eBay?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 is available on eBay, thanks to a variety of sellers confirming pre-orders and then setting up their own product pages for a sort of pre-pre-order. However, we don’t suggest going the eBay route, especially not in the beginning.

First, arranging an early purchase through an eBay seller isn’t exactly reliable, even with eBay’s various protections and rating systems in place. Shipping alone could be a headache, and there’s no easy way to prevent individual eBay sellers from running out of stock or getting in over their heads (or running scams).

Second, eBay sellers are charging a premium to get out ahead of the first sales. Arranging a PS5 purchase through eBay is likely to cost you at least a few hundred dollars more, which isn’t exactly a great deal. If you’re determined to keep eBay on your list, turn to it only after your other options have been exhausted. We suggest waiting until the system is in stock at a retailer instead of biting the bullet and spending $1,000 on a box that might be full of bricks instead of a PS5.

Wario64 on Twitter

Here’s a bit of advice you might not have considered. A user on Twitter by the name of Wario64 has been excellent about posting when PS5 stock is available at certain retailers. In fact, following Wario64 is great for video game news and deals in general. If you’re really determined to grab a PS5 ASAP, we recommend giving them a follow, turn on notifications to be alerted when they tweet, and as soon as a PS5-related post goes live, jump into the retailer’s site right away.

As you can see in the tweet above, Walmart will have stock on November 22, 2021, so there is still hope if you plan on getting a PS5 soon. Other retailers such as Sam’s Club, Target, and Best Buy have popped in and out of Wario’s feed — at least a few times a month since the system launched. This is one of the best ways to guarantee you get one, since the user tweets about PS5 orders often. With a little luck, you’ll get a PS5 soon!


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