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Snag a massive 70-inch TV while it’s $400 off at Best Buy

No home theater is complete without a great 4K TV at its center, and if you’re looking to go big with your next 4K TV purchase, we’ve found one of the best 70-inch TV deals just for you. The LG 70-inch NanoCell 4K Smart TV is down to just $700 at Best Buy, making it one of the best Best Buy TV deals as well. That price is good for massive $400 savings, as this 4K TV typically costs $1,100. Free delivery is included with your purchase, a nice bonus on such a large piece of tech, making it one of the best 4K TV deals you’ll find out there right now.

The most important thing when exploring the best 4K TVs is a sharp, immersive picture that displays all of your favorite content at the highest resolution possible. The LG 70-inch NanoCell 4K Smart TV does that and then some, as it presents all of your favorite content in stunning 4K using NanoCell technology, which creates a vivid, lifelike picture enhanced by 1 billion colors. It also utilizes a custom quad-core processor that is able to upscale older, lower-resolution content, bringing all of your favorite movies and shows into the modern age. It’s also able to present content in HDR, and has a Filmmaker Mode available as well, which allows you to see movies exactly how directors intended.

Perhaps the best thing about the LG 70-inch NanoCell 4K TV is that it’s a smart TV. It’s certainly the most convenient thing about it, as it comes with built-in access to streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, and many others. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also built right into the TV’s software, allowing you to control the TV with just your voice. If you’re a gamer, the LG 70-inch NanoCell 4K TV features a Game Optimizer mode, which gives you easier access to all of your game settings, and an auto low-latency mode to keep input lag to a minimum.

Just $700 at Best Buy today, the LG 70-inch NanoCell 4K Smart TV is one of the best LG TV deals you’ll find. This deal offers a savings of $400 from its regular price of $1,100. Free shipping and in-store pickup are available. Pounce on this deal quickly to make this great 4K TV the new centerpiece of your home theater.


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