The Best Vehicles in Far Cry 6 and Where to Find Them

The top vehicles in Far Cry 6 give you speedy, stylish transportation — and many can even provide additional attack options, enable more battlefield tactics, and help avoid annoying encounters with water zones.

Some vehicle choices are up to you, like whether or not you’re playing with a friend or if you pride fashion over function. But all in all, these are our favorite rides and the best ways to find them.

Note: Simply getting in and driving (or flying) around isn’t enough to actually get the vehicle as a usable asset in your camps. Instead, you need to drive it to a Vehicle Pickup Point or alternatively land it on a helipad at a Hideout. This adds the vehicle to your collection.

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Yami’s 2008 KAG TG

All vehicles in Far Cry 6 are customizable to some degree, even if they don’t look like it. But if you want as much authentic utility as you can get, make sure you pick up this excellent ride. This repurposed military jeep has tons of power and customization options, including the ability to mount a weapon or plow. If you want versatility and are all about the action, there’s no better pick in the game.

To get the KAG TV, you’ll need to complete the Meet the Monteros mission, then speak to Juan, who will mention that Yami needs help. Talk to Yami to start the Backseat Driver mission. Access to Yami’s garage and the 2008 KAG TG are rewards for completing that mission.

1962 Verrazzano Bravo

This incredibly stylish car appears to be a mash-up of Jaguar and Ferrari models, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the fastest vehicles in the game … just practice sticking to the roads. Like other vehicles in the game, you can mount weapons on this car, but that will sort of ruin the look if you want to show off. The car is also a little more difficult to get than most rides in the game. You’ll need to find and complete any of the Gran Premio race challenges in Yara. After completing the race, you’ll be rewarded the car, and you can drive it immediately to a Pickup Point.


It’s a tank — of course you’ll want to add one these vehicles to your roster! The tank is entirely bulletproof (although you’ll want to watch out for enemies with explosive weapons) and can fire powerful blast rounds that will totally disrupt a camp or — if you’re a good shot — take down helicopters. It’s not the easiest vehicle to drive and works better if you have a partner, but you’ll be sure to have fun either way.

You can also get the tank fairly early on in the game. The first is at the location understandably called the FND Tank Depo, up at the northern section of your starting island.

Avispa Buzzer

When you’re first exploring Yara, seeking out specific caches, or just trying to get to a place in a hurry, few vehicles can beat the downright crazy Avispa Buzzer. This is a hovercraft that behaves a bit like a helicopter but allows for sharper turns and generally easier navigation — including quick dips to avoid anti-air fire. It’s also largely immune to water and will skate off bodies of water that would ruin other flying vehicles in the game. Even if you don’t fly in Far Cry very much, you’ll want to give this buzzer a try.

You can find this vehicle once you have unlocked Hideout Filin, located in Sierra Perdida. You get there fairly early on in the campaign, so it’s a great vehicle to pick up ASAP. Just remember to land it on a helipad to save it for later use.

Angelito FW Turbo

You need an extra step to get this awesome flying car. First It’s a really good idea to unlock the Hideout Network upgrade at your base ASAP. This then allows you to access the Enhanced Hideout Network upgrade. Do that, and you will have a guaranteed vehicle spawn at all your Hideouts. This is not only useful, but it allows you to discover spawned vehicles that you haven’t located in the world yet and quickly add them to your roster to save some time.

But the Enhanced Hideout Network also allows you to access vehicles you can’t really get any other way. Once you have made that upgrade, you will need to unlock Hideout Charanga on Costa Del Mar, a bit east of Verdera. Discover or purchase the Hideout, then visit it, and you should see the flying car waiting for you. It’s not as easy to handle as some flying vehicles, but it is really, really cool.