What are Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Every half-decent looter/shooter features endgame-level gear or mechanics. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features both! You probably picked up several things called Moon Orbs toward the latter half of your campaign, though you probably weren’t entirely sure what they were for. After all, there didn’t seem to be anywhere to use them. So, what are Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, how do you use them, and what’s the deal with these new enchantments? Warning: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands spoilers are ahead!

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What are Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are endgame-level currency. After completing the main campaign, you’ll spend them on weapon enchantments, a new mechanic you’ve just unlocked.

You can see how many Moon Orbs you have by opening your inventory and looking at your gold. Moon Orbs are to the right, above the Skeleton Key symbol. However, the question remains: How do you get more Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Moon Orb farming

To find more Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you want to beat the main campaign and unlock the Chaos Chamber. You do get pockets of Moon Orbs here and there by playing campaign missions. However, it’s only enough to dip the Fatemaker’s toes in the enchanting water. On the other hand, the Chaos Chamber gives you plenty of Moon Orbs as you play through the waves.

Moon Orbs appear on the ground in the Chaos Chamber, and you don’t have to pick them up manually. In fact, you’re probably sitting on a stockpile without even realizing it. All you have to do is walk over them, and you’ll automatically pick them up and add them to your inventory.

To boost your Moon Orb gains, make sure you complete the Shrine of the Crazed Earl out in the Overworld. Completing this shrine gives you +10% Moon Orb gains.

The Chaos Chamber is an endgame mechanic run by The Dragon Lord for those who’ve yet to unlock it. You’ll find it in Queen Butt Stallion’s castle, set behind the central courtyard and fountain. Before entering the Chaos Chamber, you should sell any unneeded gear at nearby vending machines. Furthermore, you should clear out any lost loot from the Lost Loot Machine. Thankfully, all these machines and more are available in the Chaos Chamber. You don’t have to run errands all over Brighthoof to prepare yourself. In fact, you can even enchant your weapons before stepping into the Chaos Chamber.

How to use Moon Orbs

So now that you know where to find them, you’ll need to know how to use Moon Orbs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Head over to the Blacksmith (or the Chaos Chamber) in Brighthoof and interact with the enchanting table. At the Blacksmith, you’ll find the enchanting table to the right of the musical swinging hammers.

Interact with the table to pull up your entire inventory on the right side of the screen. Remember, anything with a green checkmark is something you have currently equipped. Select the weapon, spell, or ward you wish to enchant, and then hold X to apply a random enchantment. Don’t like what you got? Don’t worry! You can keep re-rolling until you find an enchantment that works with that weapon. However, don’t get too picky. You can discard the new enchantment and keep the one you already have, but you can’t go back two or three enchantments if you change your mind.

In the example above, our character doesn’t deal any dark damage — at least not enough to warrant this +20% Dark Damage buff enchantment. Thankfully, we could discard that enchantment and maintain our unenchanted weapon. However, the cost of our next enchantment doubled.

For the record, it looks like we lost our ability to switch between fire types, but that’s not true. The “swaps between fire types” line just got cut off in the enchanting screen. You won’t lose your preferred fire type if you enchant a weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Your first enchantment only costs two Moon Orbs, which is pretty cheap, especially if you get a good one on your first roll. However, re-rolling gets very expensive as you progress. The Moon Orb cost doubles each time, even if you don’t accept the new enchantment. So, re-rolling begins at two Moon Orbs, then increases to four, then eight, and so on. As you can see, the price adds up pretty quickly.

The enchanting UI isn’t the most user-friendly aspect of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Once you enchant a piece of gear, you’ll be taken to the top of the menu. So here are some tips and tricks to counter that. Arranging your inventory by Type makes it easier, as gear won’t shift around. Your equipped gear will always be at the bottom of the list, no matter how you arrange it. Therefore, if you want to experiment with enchantments on a new weapon, make sure to equip it so it’s easier to find. The same applies to a new spell or Ward.

Enchanted gear in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Although you’ll find enchanted gear out in the Wonderlands, denoted by its legendary status and golden outline, you can enchant any level of gear at the enchanting station. Uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary weapons all cost the same number of Moon Orbs to enchant.

Your gear’s enchantment appears in yellow text between stats and effects. Enchantments can either grant you increased damage buffs (like the Dark Damage one from before) or trigger certain buffs upon action skill or spell use. For example, we got one enchantment that increases our companion damage by 20% whenever our action skill is active. However, that feels as though it only works with long-lasting action skills, like the Spore Warden’s Blizzard Skill lasting for 16 seconds.

When playing with enchantments in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, make sure you consider your classes. Understand what kind of damage you’re dealing, how long your skills last, and how often your spells and skills can be used. Then, head over to the enchanting table and start spending those Moon Orbs.

Finally, don’t be afraid to re-spec your character at the changing station if you find an enchantment you really like on your favorite weapon. Re-specing is a lot cheaper than re-rolling enchantments seven or eight times over.