24-inch Curved Monitor Black Friday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price

This 24-inch Monitor Black Friday deal comes straight from the horse’s mouth: A $50 discount on a gorgeous curved 24-inch monitor from Samsung, right on its own website. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your office or gaming setup, this is a great way to save a ton of cash. After all, the best Black Friday deals are on products you were going to buy anyway.

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Today’s Best 24-inch Monitor Black Friday Deal

Why Buy:

You can get a curved, 24-inch monitor straight from Samsung for $50 off during this Black Friday deal. It’s yours for only $140, down from its original price of $190.

Curved monitors are great for everything from office work to gaming. Just think about it: When you swivel your head to look at the left and right side of the monitor, they’ll be curved to face you, giving you a clear view of everything on the screen. It’s a great way to get immersed in a first-person video game, or even just to look at Excel spreadsheets. A 24-inch monitor isn’t small, and having the full thing wrap around your head really puts you into the action.

This Samsung screen is powerful and detailed. It runs at 1920 x 1080 resolution, so anything short of 4K will look its absolute best. The contrast ratio is 3,000 to 1, so you’ll get deep black colors and shining brighter hues. It has a very quick response time, so games and movies won’t look delayed or glitchy. It even has AMD FreeSync, so the monitor will coordinate its refresh rate with the refresh rate of the video game you’re playing.

You can save a ton today with Black Friday monitor deals at Samsung. This gorgeous 24-inch curved monitor is only $140 right now, $50 down from its original $190.

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Should you shop this 24-inch Monitor Black Friday Deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Samsung has said this deal will last until November 29, or Cyber Monday. Theoretically, that means you could wait until then to buy this monitor. However, consumer tech is having a lot of supply chain issues this year, and these monitors could very easily sell out before then. Microchip issues across the whole world are severely hurting stock, and retailers can’t keep up with demand.

We highly recommend buying this monitor today. If it checks all the boxes on your list, and the price is in your range, then go for it. This deal isn’t going to get better or worse, but the product will eventually be gone. If you buy now, then a better deal comes along from a different retailer, you can always return this monitor. In fact, Samsung will likely be so busy today that you’ll get a chance to cancel before it even starts processing your order.