55-Inch TV Black Friday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price Today

Black Friday is your best chance to upgrade your living room’s screen, as this 55-inch TV Black Friday deal from Best Buy brings the price of the TCL 4-Series 4K TV down to just $380, with an amazing $120 discount on its original price of $500. There’s no shortage of Black Friday TV deals that you can shop among the best Black Friday deals — but you need to hurry if you want to take advantage of offers such as Best Buy’s price cut for this 55-inch TCL 4K TV, because stocks are dwindling by the minute.

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Today’s best 55-inch TV Black Friday deal

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TCL has elevated its status to a mainstay in our list of the best TVs, so you shouldn’t worry about quality if you decide to purchase the TCL 4-Series. The TV offers a 55-inch screen with 4K resolution for enhanced clarity and detail that will let you better appreciate your favorite shows and movies, and High Dynamic Range technology for lifelike images through bright and accurate colors. Meanwhile, the TV’s 4K Upscaling feature improves content to near Ultra HD resolution to further maximize its display.

The TCL 4-Series is also a smart TV that’s powered by the Roku platform, which comes with a simple home screen that you can personalize with your preferred content. Smart TVs, according to our 4K TV buying guide, enable easy access to streaming apps, so you can watch the best Netflix shows, the best Disney+ shows, and the best Amazon Prime Video shows, among a virtually unlimited library of content for you to consume. You can even issue voice commands through the Roku mobile app, which supports Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

Purchasing a 55-inch TV is no longer out of your reach. Best Buy’s offer for the TCL 4-Series 4K TV brings its price down by $120 to just $380, from an original price of $500. With the global microchip shortage, it’s unclear if the retailer’s stocks will be able to keep up with demand for an affordable 55-inch 4K TV. So if you want to make sure you take advantage of this offer for the TCL 4-Series, don’t waste time. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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Should you shop this 55-inch TV Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Tempted to wait around and see if this 55-inch TV will be even cheaper on Cyber Monday? It’s a risk we’re not prepared to take. With global chip shortages, you may find stock sells out completely before Cyber Monday, so you might end up with your second choice of TV if you miss out on this deal. Of course, deals like this aren’t going to be around forever either, and the deal could end before Cyber Monday, leaving you disappointed. So if you spot a great deal, we’d recommend snapping it up now so you don’t miss out!

We know some of you will be wondering what happens if you bag this deal but then find the product cheaper on Cyber Monday. Well, if that happens, you can always treat yourself to the new deal then cancel your existing order. If the product’s already shipped — some retailers can be pretty speedy — then you can return the original item for a refund, no biggie. Either way, jumping on a deal as soon as you spot it means your item’s likely to arrive in time for the holidays, and you’re unlikely to miss out because of a deal ending or stock running out. And if you do grab a Cyber Monday deal, don’t forget to double-check the delivery date to ensure it’s arriving when you expect, particularly if it’s a gift or if you’re looking forward to binge-watching the new season of The Witcher on Netflix during the festive season.