Best Black Friday 8K TV Deals for November 2021

With a super-high resolution display, 8K TVs are the equivalent of four 4K TVs put together, delivering the most realistic images possible. It also means 8K TVs are undeniably expensive, but by taking advantage of the best 8K TV deals, you can trim their cost down to something more manageable. If you thought an 8K TV was a bit too rich for your wallet, then don’t worry — some amazing Black Friday 8K TV deals have arrived, earlier than ever this year. If they really are out of your budget, there are a ton of Black Friday TV deals in a variety of sizes that you can look at instead.

Retailers have gone all-out this year! Just take a look at some of these amazing Walmart Black Friday deals, you’ll find a host of 8K TV deals in there, too. And don’t worry about shopping early, we recommend you do! Retailers are extending return windows to ensure you always get the best deal possible. Not to mention, we don’t know what kind of supply chain, inventory, and shipping delays we’ll see later on this year. Back to the main point, if you want top-of-the-line video quality and resolution, check out the best Black Friday 8K TV deals below.

Today’s best 8K TV deals

Should you shop the Black Friday 8K TV deals now?

While there are some excellent choices in the best 8K TV deals above, it’s super early this year to start shopping. Why should you shop now, when there may be better deals later? The answer is the deals probably won’t be much different later, but even if they are, retailers have you covered. Best Buy has a Price Match Guarantee which allows you to get a refund for the price difference on items you buy, that go on sale even lower. Amazon has extended its return window for holiday purchases until January 2022 — so you can always return and rebuy to get the better price.

Deals aside, we’re not sure what kind of supply chain and inventory problems we’re going to see later on. The same is true for shipping delays, which are sure to show up as we near the holidays and more people start buying items online! We recommend getting your shopping done now, as soon as possible, while these Black Friday 8K TV deals are hot off the presses!

Is an 8K TV worth it?

If you follow home theater news, then you’ve probably noticed all the hype around 8K TVs. But even if you can find cheap 8K TVs, they will still be considerably pricier than 4K options. So is it worth the extra cash to upgrade from a 4K to an 8K TV?

The key fact in everything you need to know about 8K TV is that these TVs don’t offer twice as much resolution as 4K — they actually have 16 times as many pixels. That’s because, in terms of pixels, 8K is the equivalent of four 4K screens put together. This means a noticeable difference in picture quality, especially on larger screens. 4K looks great, don’t get us wrong, but 8K can look even better, especially if you want a huge centerpiece TV in a 75-inch or larger size.

One issue that prevents people from taking advantage of 8K TV deals is a lack of content. You can find 4K content of all kinds, from 4K UHD Blu-rays to 4K streaming offered by services like Netflix. By comparison, there’s very little 8K content available. However, 8K is supported by YouTube, and there are some channels that offer 8K content — particularly tech- and nature-focused channels. There are also plans to stream sporting events like the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 8K. If you’re a gamer, it’s also possible to play games at 8K, but only if you have a very powerful PC and you find the right cable to hook up your graphics card to your TV.

So is it pointless to get an 8K TV? Not necessarily. First, there’s the importance of upscaling. The best 8K TVs have chips that work to take 4K or lower resolution content and process it to make it appear as 8K resolution. That means that even lower-resolution content can look sharper, and this can make a noticeable difference from 4K. Second, you might want to invest in an 8K TV now to be ready for when 8K streaming does become more popular. If you enjoy cutting-edge technology and want to be prepared for the next wave of higher-resolution content, then an 8K TV will put you ahead of the game.