Best Black Friday Projector Deals 2021: Deals to Shop Today

Now’s the time to take advantage of Black Friday projector deals, which are here in full force. To help you hunt down the best projector for your home theater setup and the best possible price, our team has been digging through all sorts of online retailers to bring you the very best Black Friday projector deals.

You’ll find offers on everything from affordable options for portable projectors that are perfect for giving work presentations on the go or taking to a friend’s house for a movie night, to high-end projectors that can re-create the cinema experience in your own home. Have a look below for our top can’t-miss offers, and don’t forget to check out all the other best Best Friday deals available on today’s most popular tech as well.

Best Black Friday projector deals 2021

APEMAN Portable Mini Projector — $66, was $80

Why buy:

If you’re after an affordable, simple projector for casual use then this option from Apeman has all the essential features you’ll need. It offers a large maximum display size of 180 inches, with support for 1080p input and a native resolution of 800 x 480p. That’s not going to be cinema quality, but if you want a simple projector for a kid’s room or for occasional use, this is a great choice. And it has advantages like speakers built into the projector, with a dual-speaker system that provides sound without the need for any extra audio setup.

As for connecting to the projector, that’s easy with connectivity options including HDMI, VGA, USB, microSD, and AV. You’ll find it easy to link up devices like phones or computers, including compatibility with iOS devices. Another factor that’s important to consider in cheaper projectors is the amount of noise they generate, as that can be distracting when you’re trying to watch a movie. The Apeman is a low-noise option, with an advanced fan cooling system that is optimized to require minimal fan spinning to keep the bulb cool — and all of that means less fan noise. The projector is also easy to transport, being compact and not heavy, and it comes with a carrying case so you can easily take it around with you.

Anker Nebula Capsule smart Wi-Fi mini projector — $300

Why buy:

Anker is a favorite brand for no-fuss, affordable products that get the job done and offer great quality for a low price point. If you’re after a remarkably portable projector, then the Anker Nebula Capsule line has been consistently mentioned in our best pocket projectors roundup thanks to its bonus features like an integrated speaker, so you don’t need to cart around extra hardware to watch and listen to movies at the same time. The Anker boasts what it calls a 360-degree speaker that pumps out sound in all directions, so you’ll be able to hear from all around. That makes setup easy because you don’t need to worry about extra wires — you can just set up your projector and start watching straight away.

In terms of brightness, the Nebula clocks in with a 100 ANSI-lumen image, which is bright enough for most needs — though this assumes you won’t be watching in a bright, sunlight-filled room — so it’s perfect for a cozy movie night at home or showing a work presentation in an office space with the blinds closed. One of the other great features of this projector is that it runs on Android 7.1, which makes streaming a snap. You’ll find options for easy streaming from services like Netflix and YouTube, plus the thousands of other apps that have Android support. In terms of connectivity, you’ll have no shortage of options on this device, as it offers support for HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and screen mirroring, all with up to four hours of playback on battery mode.

Optoma HD39HDR home theater projector — $799, was $999

Why buy:

Optoma’s 4K HDR projectors grabbed our attention for their focus on gaming, making them a great way for gamers to enjoy their experience on a huge scale without needing to take up a massive amount of space with a TV. If you’re hoping to enjoy some epic gaming action without splurging on an enormous TV — or if you live with family or friends who aren’t thrilled by the idea of a massive gaming setup taking over the living room — then the Optoma projector might be the option for you. Generally, projectors often have issues with input lag or slow response times, which make them unsuitable for serious gaming. But the Optoma HDR 4K range aims to fix that. The HD39 has an enhanced gaming mode that offers a super-fast response time of 8.4 ms, and has that all-important 120Hz refresh rate.

As well as being speedy, the Optoma HD39 boasts an impressive 4,000 lumens of brightness, so it’s bright enough to use during the day or with the lights on. And it has calibrations to help you enjoy accurate colors, as well as support for 1080p resolution from 4K input and a good contrast ratio to avoid washed-out images. That means this projector isn’t only for gamers, but will be pleasing to movie fans too, making it a great alternative to a large-screen TV as the centerpiece of your home theater. Finally, it has features to make it easy to set up, like vertical keystone correction and zoom so you can place the projector in a convenient spot in your room.

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector — $930, was $1,000

Why buy:

If you want a large image and you don’t want to compromise on quality, then a projector like the Epson EpiqVision may be right up your alley. It offers a Full HD picture in a huge size of up to 150 inches, so you can enjoy both big size and high levels of detail. With Android TV software built into the projector, it’s ideal for a home theater system as you can easily stream from your favorite services like Hulu, HBO Max, and YouTube, and even watch live TV. Adding to the TV-like experience is a remote to easily control the projector and adjust volume and other settings from the couch.

One of the big draws of this projector is its sound system, which is provided by respected audio brand Yamaha. The audio system supports Dolby Audio and is a step above most projector speakers, offering what Epson says is sound quality that rivals that of soundbars. You won’t need extra speakers to enjoy a movie with this feature. Another advantage of this projector is its slick square format, which is modern and discreet, looking more stylish than most projectors for those who care about their home theater setup looking as good as possible. It is also small, making it easy to tuck away, so this might be the perfect option for a smaller home.

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD home theater projector — $999

Why buy:

If only the best will do for your home theater, then the BenQ TK800M is a home cinema monster. Our reviewer praised the projector for its excellent 3,000 lumens of brightness, which is enough to use it even during the day when many other projectors would struggle. That makes it a viable option as a replacement for a TV in your high-end home cinema setup. While it won’t deal well with direct sunlight, it can handle ambient light that’s typical for daytime viewing far better than most projectors can. It also has high color accuracy, so you can see content as the creators intended.

In the box you’ll find nice extras like a transport box with a carrying handle and a backlit remote that is easy to use in the dark. And on the projector itself you’ll find a plethora of inputs, like two HDMI inputs (including one with HDCP 2.2 for 4K devices), a VGA input, and 3.5mm audio inputs and outputs. The projector should be easy to set up in your space thanks to its 1.2x optical zoom, which makes it easy to find the right location to place it, and there’s keystone adjustment to allow you to optimize the image once you have everything in place. You’ll find handy options available like a dedicated football mode and another sports mode, making this ideal for catching big games in exceptionally high quality.

How to get the best Black Friday projector deals

There’s no trick or shortcut to walking away with the perfect offer from this year’s best Black Friday projector deals. If you want to make the most out of the shopping holiday, you’ll need to put in honest work in researching the projector that you want to buy and preparing for your purchase. Sure, some shoppers just search for projectors on their favorite retailer’s website and already find a good deal, but if you want to get the best projector for your home at the lowest possible price, you shouldn’t rely on luck alone.

There are several things that you need to consider before buying a projector, including whether you can control the light in the room where you’re planning to place it, and if there’s enough space to install the screen where you’ll project shows and movies. You’ll also need to find an installation spot for the projector that will be at an ideal distance and angle from the screen. If you’re renovating your living room, you might want to make adjustments if you’re planning to buy a projector. However, if your living room can already accommodate a projector, then there’s no need to delay your purchase, and it’s time to select the product that falls within your budget.

You need to set the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for a projector, and you should stick to it so that you won’t be compromising other responsibilities. On the other hand, you shouldn’t go for a very cheap model if you can spend more — go for the best quality that you can afford with your budget. Once you have an idea of your preferred price range, you can take a look at ’ best home theater projectors, as well as our best 4K projectors if you’re willing to shell out for them. Select about three of your top options, then focus on finding deals for those models when you do your Black Friday shopping. You might have to look for a while as you’ll have to search through different retailers, but if you’re patient enough, you’ll end up with the perfect projector at a price that you’re comfortable spending.

Black Friday projector deals FAQ

If it’s your first time trying to take advantage of Black Friday projector deals, here are the answers to some of the most important questions. If it’s not, you might want to check these out as well for a refresher.

Should you shop Black Friday projector deals now?

Looking at these terrific deals, you might wonder if you should shop for a projector now or wait until closer to Black Friday. But we advise you to jump on these, as they’re some of the best Black Friday projector deals that you’ll find! Retailers are increasingly offering Black Friday pricing earlier in November to tempt shoppers before the holidays, and as you can see there are already offers to be had on a range of products for all price points.

We recommend that if you see a projector you want at a good price, then you snap it up fast. After all, some of the best Black Friday projector deals can sell out fast — even before Black Friday officially arrives — and you don’t want to miss out on a great deal. If you shop now, you can get your new projector in time for the holidays and skip out on the stress of trying to score a deal during a limited and busy Black Friday period. And don’t worry that you’ll be missing out on a better discount, as the deals we’ve presented here are already great prices for great products.

Will Cyber Monday beat the best Black Friday projector deals?

Some shoppers believe that if you’re planning to purchase electronic devices, you should wait for Cyber Monday so that you can enjoy bigger discounts. However, what usually happens is that retailers rebrand leftover Black Friday projector deals so that they can offer them again on Cyber Monday. It’s not recommended that you wait if you already see a Black Friday deal that you like, as there’s no assurance that it will still be available on Cyber Monday.

There’s still a possibility that the price of the projector that you’re aiming to buy goes lower on Cyber Monday. You should still buy the projector though, because you have the option to cancel the purchase or return the item if the extra steps are worth the bigger discount on Cyber Monday. This way, you’ll secure your stock for the projector that you want, while leaving yourself with the option to take advantage of a Cyber Monday deal for the same product.

Who has the best Black Friday projector deals?

There’s no shortage of sources that claim they have the best Black Friday projector deals, but it’s always best to stick with the biggest retailers as they have the capability to offer the lowest prices. Check out the projectors that are available under Amazon Black Friday deals, Best Buy Black Friday deals, and Walmart Black Friday deals, and hopefully, the projector that you want to purchase for Black Friday is available.

You also have the option to go directly to the manufacturer’s online commerce website to check if they’re participating in this year’s Black Friday sales and if the model that you want is involved in the discounts. Unfortunately, not all brands roll out Black Friday offers, so it’s still recommended that you search for deals from retailers first. You might even get freebies if you purchase from them, especially if they’re offloading their stocks of older models of projectors.

When do Black Friday projector deals end?

Black Friday project deals technically only last until the Saturday following the shopping holiday, but most retailers continue the offers through the weekend and into Cyber Monday. This gives you more time to look at what’s available, but you should still finalize your purchases as soon as possible. That’s because with the global microchip shortage affecting electronic devices, supply wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand. In fact, some of the best Black Friday projector deals are no longer available as early as now, as stocks are already depleted.