Best Black Friday Ring Doorbell Deals 2021: What to Expect

If you’ve waited for Black Friday to see the best Ring Doorbell deals, you made the smart shopping decision. But this year, there’s no need to wait because so many deals are already available. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are already offering fantastically-low Black Friday discounts, to kickstart the holiday shopping season early. The Black Friday deals are available super early this year! Amazon is one of two Black Friday sales volume leaders (Hello, Walmart). Because Amazon owns the Ring brand of home security devices including several Video Doorbell models, it can cut the prices of Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals aggressively. Whether you are shopping video doorbell deals for your first device, ordering more units for additional doors, or planning to upgrade to the latest models, you’re almost guaranteed to score with Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals.

Why you should shop Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals today

The biggest concern with shopping early, especially this early, is that better deals might show up later on. That would stink and no one wants to miss out on the best offers because they bought too early. Retailers like Best Buy are offering a Price Match Guarantee for the holiday sales, however. That means, if you buy something now, and it goes cheaper later, they’ll refund you the price difference so you can still get the best discount. How awesome is that?

Of course, the other major concern is the many supply chain and shipping delays that will surely get worse as we get closer to the holidays. You want your gifts and purchases to get to you promptly and on time, but also you want to make sure your big-ticket items are still available! Chip shortages, supply issues, and other concerns will mean that demand is going to be high for certain items, yet inventory and availability will be low. You don’t want to be the one left out when something is out of stock or on backorder. Shop early and make sure you have what you need, now!

There are Amazon Black Friday deals galore to take advantage, even beyond Ring Doorbells! You can also check out the latest Best Buy Black Friday deals, and Walmart Black Friday deals to see what else is available, and cheap!

Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals you can shop today

We’re as excited as you that the Black Friday deals are already here, and there’s no waiting! That means there are some really great Ring Doorbell deals you can shop today — we’ve rounded up some of the best below.

Best Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals we saw last year

Black Friday 2020 fell during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus had an unexpected effects on the housing market and almost all products for the home including smart home devices and especially video doorbell and smart home security cameras. Last year’s Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals were aggressively priced despite the heavy demand.

Two of the most popular Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals in 2020 were the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell 3. During Black Friday those two models were discounted 35% and 30%, respectively. Both models had $200 list prices but Amazon offered the  Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $130 and the Ring Video Doorbell 3 for $140. Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals for other Ring Doorbell models available last year ranged from 10% to 20% in most cases, but at times you could also find significantly greater discounts on Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals for bundles  that included other products such as Echo Show 5 or Ring Alarm security systems.

Many retailers other than Amazon sell Ring products. We’ve observed over the years that individual Amazon owned-brand products such as Ring Doorbells and Blink Outdoor Security Cameras, for example, sell at the same price (or within one dollar) on Amazon and the other retailers who sell Ring products. Some Ring product bundles are also the same (or very close) on Amazon and with other merchants. However, we saw greater variation in bundles and also when retailers were selling renewed or refurbished products.

Should you buy a Ring Doorbell during the early Black Friday deals?

There’s a lot going on this year, maybe even more than last year. Yes, we saw delays because of COVID, and shortages, but things have only gotten worse. It means that many items may be out of stock or on backorder by the time Black Friday rolls around in November, and it could worsen for the rest of the holiday shopping season. That’s precisely why retailers opened up shopping earlier than ever with some fantastic deals. If you’re not ready to shop yet, then we still recommend checking out what’s available and what’s on sale, because there’s no guarantee there will be inventory later.

And look, you probably won’t find lower prices on Cyber Monday than during these early Black Friday sales, for Ring products included, so there’s no reason to wait. If you decide to hold off to check out other deals before taking advantage of a Ring Doorbell Black Friday deal, the odds may not be in your favor that inventories will hold. Plus, with retailers like Best Buy offering price match guarantees with the option to get a refund for price differences if there are lower prices later — there’s virtually no risk when shopping now.

Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals FAQ

If you’re an old hand at configuring a smart home or working with Ring Doorbells, chances are all you need is to find the best prices and shipping times for the devices you need. On the other hand, if this is your first smart home configuration rodeo, we strongly advise reading the reviews on the various Ring Doorbell models. We included links  above to the reviews of most of the devices that will be included in Amazon’s Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals. You’ll also find comparison pieces to help decide which Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals will best meet you needs — other than just low prices.

Will Ring Doorbells be cheaper for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Yes, indeed, you can expect Ring Doorbells to be on sale now and in the days leading up to Black Friday. There are already some awesome discounts available! Amazon and other retailers will continue the to offer the same prices through Cyber Monday unless inventories run out and expected delivery dates are too far in the future.

You will most likely see Ring Doorbells advertised prominently on merchants Black Friday web pages and in any print material. That’s due to Ring Video Doorbells’ high brand-recognition. So you’ll most likely see the most popular model Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals placed prominently. And, barring inventory sell-outs, the prices for Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals won’t likely vary that much between merchants. The model selections certain will vary and product bundles with other smart home security-focused devices such as smart displays, smart locks, and smart lights are likely to vary even more.

How much are Ring Doorbells on Black Friday?

Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals average about 25% to 35% and many of those discounts are already available. Overall the prices for single products will most likely be discounted no more than 40% and no less than 10%. Bundled deals with multiple comparable smart home security devices good have even heftier discounts.

Be very careful, by the way, of missing a planned Ring Doorbell Black Friday deal purchase because the clock ran out. The minute after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales end, you’ll see the prices go right back to full list price. Amazon takes deal prices very seriously. They generally give excellent deals, but they also protect the integrity of major sales events and don’t hold prices of deals after a sale ends. And after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we may not see discounted Ring Doorbells until February and even then the discounts won’t be as deep as during Black Friday.

Should you wait until Cyber Monday or later to buy a Ring Doorbell?

Retailers are offering Black Friday-worthy deals earlier than ever, on Ring Doorbell and smart home products too! Why wait? If you already know you want something it’s best to take advantage of those offers now while the items are in stock and while shippers are not inundated with orders for the holidays! If the price drops later, which it most likely won’t, depending on where you buy early, you can receive the price difference as a refund!

The most important answer to the buying before Black Friday question has to do with the buyer’s need and motivation. If you’re about to close up your summer home and want to install a Ring Doorbell for security so you can get alerts if anyone pushes the bell or approaches the entrance, it may not be worth the cash savings to take advantage of these Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals.

And if you have any other relatively urgent motivation to equip your home or other location with a Ring Doorbell, waiting for the sale may not be in your best interest.

If, on the other hand, you want to see what it’s like to install a Ring Video Doorbell at your home or if you want to configure your entire home with a complete array of multiple smart home security and convenience devices, then waiting for the Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals is less urgent. In the latter case, take the extra time during Black Friday sales to look for bundles that include multiple device types to help you save even more than you might buying individual products, even during Black Friday.

Who has the best Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals?

Amazon is not the only merchant that sells Ring products and will have Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals. A short list of the major merchants other than Amazon that sell Ring products and are certain to have Ring Doorbell Black Friday deals includes Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s home supplies, The Home Depot, Kohls, ABT Electronics, and Adorama. New Egg sells Ring devices but only refurbished or renewed models.

Hands down, Amazon has the best Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals, but it’s not just price. It’s a bit tricky and bears some explanation because you’ll see many of the same prices as on Amazon for Ring Doorbells on other merchant sites such as Best Buy. The differences have more to do with inventory range and depth plus shipping.

There are a few Ring Doorbell models, some wired and others battery-operated. Ring also sells accessories such as solar chargers and doorbell chimes that work with Ring Doorbells. In addition, Amazon sells a wide range of Ring Doorbell bundles that include a Doorbell plus Ring security lights, Echo devices, smart locks, and Ring Alarm security systems in many configurations. No other merchant has Amazon’s range of Ring Doorbell products and bundles. Plus they ship very fast and have a laudable history of transparency when they know a product will ship weeks or even months later.