Best Black Friday Samsung TV Deals for November 2021

Black Friday is all about TVs. Retailers bring out their best Sony, LG and Samsung TV deals this time of year in an attempt to clear out stock before the holidays. Black Friday TV deals can save you hundreds on premium TVs, and we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the best Black Friday Samsung TV deals so you can compare your best options.

Our favorite source for Black Friday Samsung TV deals right now is Best Buy. That’s because of their Best Buy Black Friday Price Guarantee program. During Best Buy Black Friday deals, if you purchase a TV that gets an even bigger price cut between the time you bought it and Black Friday, Best Buy will refund you the difference. You’re guaranteed the best Samsung TV deal of the season, regardless of when you buy.

Where to Find the Best Black Friday Samsung TV Deals

Today’s best Samsung TV deals

Should You Shop the Black Friday Samsung TV Deals Now?

The short answer is YES. There are major supply chain issues this year, particularly around consumer electronics and microchips. Because of this, retailers have started their Black Friday Samsung TV deals early while they still have stock to discount. Don’t write it off! We’re seeing better deals earlier than we ever have, and with programs like Best Buy’s Price Guarantee, there isn’t a downside to buying Black Friday deals early.

If you’re worried about buying a Samsung TV early at Best Buy, then seeing a better deal at Walmart later this month, here are some other factors to consider. First, the microchip shortage is real, and holding off until you see a better deal might leave you with no TV at all. Second, last year’s shipping times for Black Friday items were well past the New Year. If you wait until Black Friday’s calendar date to shop Samsung TV deals, you probably won’t be mounting that TV until 2022. Is that worth a $50 discount?

How to choose a Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the TV space, rivaled perhaps only by LG when it comes to pioneering some of the latest and greatest panel technologies. That’s not to say that there aren’t cheap Samsung TVs out there for those shopping on a budget, however; Samsung’s television offerings run the gamut when it comes to size, features, and price points, so there a few things to consider when shopping for Samsung TV deals.

The first steps in your search should be setting your budget and calculating what size TV you should buy. If you’re going for a television that’s on the smaller side — say, 43 inches and under — then decide whether or not you’re okay with 1080p Full HD or if 4K Ultra HD is a must-have. Full HD panels are still common on small- to medium-sized TVs, whereas 4K is now standard on most sets larger than 43 inches. Given how cheap 4K panels are now, we generally recommend opting for Ultra HD whenever it’s available unless you’re shopping for Samsung TV deals on a super-tight budget.

Also bear in mind that not all 4K TVs are equal and you’ve got a few different panel types available to you today. The cheapest are standard LED panels, while newer technologies like QLED and OLED panels are going to cost you a bit more. The good news is that these panels, and QLEDs in particular, have become much more affordable over the past couple of years, so you might get lucky and find some of them when shopping for cheap Samsung TVs in the sub-$1,000 bracket. Samsung doesn’t currently utilize OLED technology in its TVs, however, although that may change in the future.

QLED (quantum LED) and OLED (organic LED) panels utilize more advanced lighting technology than standard LED backlighting to create a brighter, more vibrant picture with better dynamic contrast. OLED TVs are the most expensive, while QLED panels are a nice middle ground that will give you a superior experience to LED TVs without costing too much extra. If you’re shopping for Samsung TV deals and want something you’re going to be owing for a while — for instance, the main TV in your living room — QLED might be worth the upgrade if you value a more cinematic home theater experience.