Best iPad Deals and Sales for December 2021

You can’t afford to be picky when it comes to hunting around for the best iPad deals if you want your new tablet to arrive in time for the holidays. Manufacturers can’t keep up with increased demand due to the ongoing microchip shortage, so retailers can’t cram enough stock onto the shelves. We’re seeing some incredible iPad sales, but also heightened demand. Take the brand new Apple iPad 10.2, for example. The tablet is out of stock at Amazon and is on backorder, with no predicted availability. The same model won’t arrive before December 8 if you order from Apple itself. These dates are being pushed further back by the day, so if you’ve been holding out on a discount on that particular model you’ll need to decide what’s more important: Saving a few bucks or having it in your hands in time for the holidays.

Today’s Best iPad Deals

iPad 10.2 Deals

There aren’t any discounts happening on the latest Apple iPad 10.2 at the moment, and we wouldn’t recommend holding out for them either. As I said before, this model is already on backorder at Apple and Amazon. These are being pushed further back each day, already into 2022 on most sites, so if you want this model in time for the holidays, order one as soon as you see it.

iPad Air Deals

Amazon has one of the best iPad Air deals you can shop today: It’s offering the 64GB, Wi-Fi model of the latest iPad Air for only $596. As far as Apple deals go, that’s one of the best we’ve seen in a while with the size of the discount surpassing the Apple Watch deals we’re seeing on the now-discontinued Apple Watch Series 6. This is one of the few iPad models still in stock at leading retailers with a maximum shipping time of one week.

iPad Mini Deals

Unfortunately, the iPad Mini is another iPad that is on backorder for the holidays. If you order one at full price today, Amazon will aim to have it on your doorstep by December 21.

iPad Pro Deals

Woohoo! There are some fantastic iPad Pro deals you can shop today, both on the iPad Pro 11.0 and the iPad Pro 12.9, with Amazon offering up to $80 off the smaller variant and $100 off the plus-sized model to customers who purchase today. You’ll need to act fast, though: The iPad Pro 11.0 is on backorder with a shipping window of December 10 to December 12; while you’ll have to wait for January 12 -13 for the iPad Pro 12.9.