Cordless Vacuum Cyber Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price Today

Few things are more frustrating than a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck, but that’s not something you have to worry about with this Samsung Jet 60 cordless vacuum Cyber Monday deal.  The vacuum provides powerful suction for easy clean up of any mess in your home, and this steep $80 discount makes it that much more affordable — and also makes it one of the best Cyber Monday deals you can snag today.

Today’s Best Cordless Vacuum Cyber Monday deal

Why Buy:

Right away, the Samsung Jet 60 stands out as a great option among stick vacuums thanks to its large dust bin. At 0.8 liters — far more than the average 0.2 liters many others have — you can vacuum for much longer without needing to empty out the bin. The bin is also completely washable, which saves it from another problem many vacuums face: A build-up of grime that isn’t easy to clean out.

Its next biggest strength is the battery life. With 40 minutes of run time, you can get quite a bit of cleaning finished before you need to stop to recharge. You can also swap out a fully-charged spare battery to reach 80 minutes of cleaning time before both batteries are depleted. Given that the Samsung Jet 60 moves from hardwood to carpet without breaking a sweat, you’ll need all that runtime to get your whole home clean. It also comes with a slew of different attachments to clean every area of your home, from tight corners to the stairs.

The Samsung Jet 60 uses a digital inverter motor to achieve higher cleaning power but manages to keep dust distribution to a minimum thanks to the 5-layer filtration system. If anyone in your home has asthma or suffers from allergies, this filtration system keeps the air quality as high as possible while vacuuming.

On its own, the Samsung Jet 60 is a worthwhile investment — but with the Cyber Monday $80 discount, it’s practically a no-brainer. If you need a stick vacuum for your home, this one is worth consideration. Just don’t wait too long to do so, as this deal isn’t likely to last very long before it sells out completely.