Even the New Echo Show 8 is Discounted for Cyber Monday

Upgrade your smart home setup for cheap with this Amazon Echo Show 8 Cyber Monday deal. Right now, you can grab the new smart home device for only $60 — that’s a $50 discount off the original price of $110. We can’t be sure this deal, or the stock to back it up, will stick around all day today, so grab the Amazon Echo Show 8 before the best Cyber Monday deals are all gone.

Today’s Best Amazon Echo Show 8 Cyber Monday Deal

John Velasco / Digital Trends

Why Buy:

Smart homes are the way of the future. We’ve known this ever since Rosey the Robot started cleaning the Jetsons’ house. The modern version of Rosey is Alexa, and she’s housed in a hub like the Amazon Echo Show 8. The Echo Show 8 is a great way to control every aspect of your smart home setup from a single source. Grab one during these amazing Cyber Monday Amazon Echo deals.

The Echo Show 8 does everything you’d expect of a smart home device. It can control the lights in your room, show you your favorite movies on any television in your house, and play your morning playlist. The way the Echo Show line of smart home hubs really differentiates itself rests with the screen. From the screen, you can see the time and the weather, and you can control the visual aspects of your smart home. For instance, ask Alexa to show you your front door camera when you get a knock on the door. Or you can bring up a video recipe in your kitchen and follow along. The more visual learners among us will appreciate being able to see the information Alexa conveys to us, not just hear it.

The Echo Show 8 gets its name from its 8-inch display. It’s the perfect size for a kitchen countertop. The tablet-sized device has a camera inside it, so you can video chat with friends and family easily (another Jetsons prediction). You can also turn the camera and microphone off manually if you’re concerned about privacy. Watching the morning news or even your favorite movies is convenient and fun with the Echo Show 8’s HD screen and stereo speakers. When you’re not using the Echo, you can have it display your favorite family photos. It’ll integrate right into your other framed photos and not just be an eyesore when you’re not using it.

Grab a new Echo Show 8 while it’s ridiculously cheap. You can get it for only $60 right now, a $50 discount off its usual price of $110. This deal will probably only be here today — if it doesn’t sell out early — so grab one fast!

When Does This Echo Show 8 Cyber Monday Deal End?

Amazon hasn’t made any promises about how long this deal will last. Cyber Monday did extend into a loosely labeled “Cyber Week” last year, but that doesn’t mean the same deals will stick around. A microchip shortage across the whole world right now is severely limiting the stock of anything that has semiconductors in it. That includes smart home devices. An Adobe Analytics report shows that out-of-stock alerts on websites are up around 124% compared to pre-pandemic levels — and that number is only expected to climb. If this deal proves as popular is we think it will, Amazon will run out of stock soon.

Our advice is to buy it now. There isn’t a reason to wait, as today is the last major day of the shopping holiday. The price isn’t going to drop any lower anytime soon. If you end up deciding on a different smart home device this year, you can always return this one. Amazon is extending its return period this year. Anything shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned as late as January 31, 2022. So put it in your cart and checkout soon.