Google Nest Hub Cyber Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price Today

Whether you’re after a smart home hub for your living room, a recipe display and music player for your kitchen, or an interactive alarm clock for your bedroom, this Google Nest Hub Cyber Monday deal is one you’ll want to check out. Google’s Nest range offers a variety of smart home products to automate your house, and this Nest Hub is a great central point to coordinate all those functions. And right now, the Next Hub 2nd generation is half price at Walmart — meaning it’s just $50, saving you $50 from its list price of $100. This is just one of the best Cyber Monday deals on offer today, so check out our roundup for more.

Today’s best Google Nest Hub Cyber Monday deal

Why Buy:

Google’s Nest Hub is its take on the smart display: A fusion of tablet and smart speaker that is small but powerful. If you have a bunch of smart home technology, like smart lights, connected speakers, or automated blinds, then this device is the perfect way to control everything from one central point. This offer is for the second generation of the Nest Hub, which impressed our reviewers with its surprisingly accurate sleep tracking considering it doesn’t use a wearable device. Instead, you can sit the device on your bedside table and it will detect your movement and breathing to give you information about how you’re sleeping. It also acts as a handy display and alarm clock, making it the perfect nightstand companion.

Other than the sleep tracking, you’ll also get access to the same host of smart display features available in the first generation Nest Hub like access to voice assistants and the ability to use it as a digital photo frame thanks to its large and beautiful screen. You can easily ask Google Assistant for information about the weather or about your commute, making it a handy companion as you get ready for the day. It doesn’t have a camera, which for some will be a disadvantage due to the lack of video calling, but for others will be an advantage as it makes the device more privacy-conscious.

At its base price of $100, the Nest Hub is already an affordable smart display option. But with this offer for an incredible half price at Walmart, you can pick up the Nest Hub for just $50, making it a must-see deal.

When does this Google Nest Hub Cyber Monday deal end?

If you’re preparing to do some shopping today, you might be wondering how long these deals will last. Although Cyber Monday technically runs all day today, we can’t guarantee how long products will remain in stock. We’re seeing products going out of stock faster this year than in previous years, so if there’s a deal that you want, we recommend shopping it now.