This Dell XPS Desktop is over $400 off and selling fast

Some people prefer to do their work on a laptop, but others prefer the power and comfort of a desktop computer. There are a lot of great desktop computer deals out there right now, and perhaps the best is also one of the best Dell XPS deals out there. Today at Dell you can get the Dell XPS Desktop computer for just $1,150, which is a $410 savings from its regular price of $1,560. Availability is limited and the deal is guaranteed until you’ve placed your order, so hurry over to Dell to claim your new XPS Desktop computer.

Whether you’re a content creator, a busy professional, a gamer, or someone who just likes to stretch out at your desk, the Dell XPS Desktop is a great consideration for your next computer. It allows for tons of customizability, and is configurable to suit just about anyone’s needs. As spec’d for this impressive deal at Dell, it has an eight-core Intel i7-11700 processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card with 12GB of RAM, 16GB of system memory, and a super speedy and responsive 512GB solid-state drive. This is an impressive set of internals that will have you blazing through your day, whether it consists of photo editing, gaming, watching streaming content, or anything as simple as making spreadsheets, writing emails, and web browsing.

The Dell XPS Desktop is such an impressive computer that it made our top choice among the best desktop computers. In addition to its impressive specs, it’s also a good-looking piece of tech. It was designed to be as beautiful on outside as it is powerful on the inside, and it easily blends into any office environment. It features a minimalist design, and manages not to sacrifice on the core needs of a computer, such as thermal cooling and low noise levels. The design of the Dell XPS Desktop also makes it expandable, allowing for easy installation of solid-state drives, additional RAM, and simple connectivity to external displays, including all of the great desktop monitor deals going on right now.

With a savings of more than $400 at Dell today, the Dell XPS Desktop is a must-have that can be snagged for just $1,150. Free shipping is included with your purchase, but you’ll need to click over to Dell quickly to claim yours, as availability is limited and the deal isn’t guaranteed until you make your purchase.