Which TV Should You Buy on Black Friday 2021?

If there’s one thing the best Black Friday deals are known for, it’s televisions. And Black Friday TV deals usually are where you can get the most bang for your buck. The trick, then, is knowing which TVs to look out for. A lot of times you’ll find bargain basement prices on something you shouldn’t be buying in the first place. Us, though — we’re looking for the best deals on the best TVs you can buy. And this is what we’re hoping for.

Which TV should you buy on Black Friday?

Where would we start when it comes to the best Black Friday TV deals? We’ve got three options here for you. One is an everyman’s TV, with the specs and features you want with a price that’s pretty sensible. The other two are upgrades. If you can find them on sale, hit ’em up!

The Hisense U7G

Every now and then a TV comes around that completely wows us. And that was the Hisense U7G. Not just for its features, but also for its price.

Start with the fact that the 65-inch model retails for less than $1,000. That’s a great starting point, and figure that Black Friday deals will only help from there. (There also are 55- and 75-inch models.) Setup is super simple, and the TV is surprisingly light given its size.

Colors and brightness also are surprisingly good given this TV’s price, and it’s got Android TV built in, so there’s a pretty good chance you won’t need to plug in any other sort of dongle or streaming box.

Or put it another way — if you can find the Hisense U7G on sale for Black Friday, buy it!

LG G1 Gallery Series

If you want the best, you want OLED. And if you want the best OLED, you turn to LG. And if you want the best LG OLED, you look for the LG G1 Gallery Series. The name should be a telltale — this is a TV that’s meant to start out when it’s off as much as when it’s on.

The G1 Gallery Series has a beautiful design. We’re used to thin and sleek, but this takes it almost to another level. The bezel is thin. The legs are strong but understated. This is a great-looking TV. And the OLED eve panel means you’re getting about the best picture you can get in a consumer TV these days.

All that doesn’t come cheap. Bu that’s all the more reason to look out for Black Friday deals on the LG G1 Gallery Series. It might not be in your budget the rest of the year, but this could be the time you can make it happen.

Sony A90J

LG isn’t the only OLED game in town, though. Sony’s excellent Bravia series has the A90J, which is another entry in the “if you have to ask how much, you probably can’t afford it” category. But like the LG G1 Gallery Series, that only makes it more ripe for Black Friday deals.

The Sony A90J is another great-looking TV, and it’s got a trick up its sleeve with a convertible stand. Three options for leg placement allow you to set it just a few inches per your media stand, or flush against a cabinet, or with an extremely narrow footprint.

You’re limited to two size options here — 55 inches and 65 inches. But setup is as easy as can be, and the TV is running not Android TV, but the newer Google TV operating system.

Sony also has thrown in some extra audio features, which makes this one of the better-sounding TV out of the box.

So if you’ve got a fat wallet and are looking for something to spend it on, look for A90J deals on Black Friday, for sure.