65-inch TV Cyber Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price Today

Here is the definitive best 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal: An Insignia 4K TV for $450 at Best Buy, saving you $250. While it might not be a big name brand, it’s still one of the best Cyber Monday deals you can snag this year.

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Today’s best 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal

Why buy:

The Insignia 65-inch 4K TV might not be one of the best 4K TVs, but at this price, there’s not much to complain about. It offers everything you could need from a sizeable 4K TV along with some neat smart features too. It’s just $450 at Best Buy, right now, which is $250 off of the normal price! If that deal doesn’t get you excited, don’t worry, there are quite a few other Cyber Monday TV deals going on that you can sort through!

As expected, the Insignia 65-inch 4K TV offers a resolution four times the size of a Full HD TV set, with the ability to upscale any non-4K content to look great. It also has HDR, which means a wide range of color details along with sharper contrasts. You gain some great whites and the deepest blacks by using such technology. It also has great sound courtesy of DTS Studio Sound that creates realistic and immersive audio along with two-speaker playback.

The features don’t stop there, though. It also utilizes Fire TV so you can easily access numerous different streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, and much more. Via the Alexa voice remote, you don’t even need to press buttons to find your favorite content. Instead, you can simply speak to your TV to find and launch your favorite shows in mere moments. There’s also Apple AirPlay support for streaming media from your Apple device. Want even more? HDMI Arc functionality means you can easily hook up a compatible soundbar or AV receiver without the need for an extra cable.

Offering plenty of great features at an amazing price, the Insignia 65-inch 4K TV is down to just $450 at Best Buy right now. Normally $700, that’s a huge savings of $250, so you can’t go wrong with this purchase. Snap it up now while stock lasts.

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When does this 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal end?

There’s no real way to know. Best Buy hasn’t provided an end date for this deal yet, so for now, we’re going to have to go by what we’ve seen in previous years. Big appliances like TVs are always some of the most popular appliances during holiday sales, and this 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal is no different. On top of that, Best Buy has likely allocated a limited number of these TV s for this particular deal. With high demand and a finite stock of TVs, there’s a good chance that this deal will be gone before the weekend — or it could even run out before the day ends. If you’re thinking about picking this up, you should do it as soon as possible.

Like many of the best deals happening this Cyber Monday, this offer could literally expire at any time during the day, either from stock-outs or because Best Buy has placed an expiration date that we can’t see. There are probably people who have this in their cart right now, ready to check out, so these stocks are depleting by the minute. If this TV sounds like the perfect model for you, we strongly suggest just going for it. Don’t worry — if you manage to find a better deal later for a 65-inch TV later today, you can always cancel your order before the day ends. But with how good this discount is, that doesn’t seem likely. Upgrade your home theater experience and get this incredible 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal for your living room right now.

Should you shop this 65-inch TV Cyber Monday deal today?

“I’ll wait for now, just in case there’s a better deal,” you think as you spot this great deal. But wait! There are absolutely no guarantees that this discount will still be available later. This is such an amazing deal that the Insignia 4K TV could sell out long before Cyber Monday is through, especially with stock levels already affected by the ongoing chip shortage. You might also find that there’s plenty of stock left later on in the week, but that the price has gone back up. The only way to ensure you get today’s amazing deal is to shop now!

What happens if you snap up this super deal today, then find this TV cheaper, later? There’s no need to worry. You can easily bag the better deal, then cancel your original order. If it’s too late to cancel it, you can always return the unwanted item. A word of caution, though: Always check to see if delivery dates will be in time for the holidays, particularly if you’re buying this deal as a gift for friends or family. You wouldn’t want to leave anyone disappointed this holiday season, so we always recommend snapping up a deal as soon as you see it!