Best Black Friday Bose Speaker Deals for November 2021

It’s the perfect time of year to splurge on items that are usually just out of your price range. If this year’s usual Bose speaker deals were still a bit pricey for you, the best Black Friday Bose speaker deals happening today should answer your prayers. Whether it’s a small pocket speaker for outdoor adventures or a full home theater upgrade, Black Friday Bluetooth speaker deals have something to offer you.

For all things electronic this year, we’re recommending Best Buy Black Friday deals. That’s because Best Buy has a Black Friday Price Guarantee program, a sure fire way to save money when shopping for early deals. Basically, buy something now, and whatever its lowest price is between now and Black Friday is how much you’ll spend. It’s a great way to get Bose speaker deals at their best price without constantly refreshing your browser, hoping for a better deal. But if you want to shop around, we’ve got all the bases covered for Black Friday Bose speaker deals.

Today’s best Bose speaker deals

Should You Shop the Black Friday Bose Speaker Deals Now?

We recommend shopping for all your Black Friday deals right now. Stock is incredibly low for many consumer electronics this year. That’s a side effect of the massive microchip shortage and the increasing demand for online shopping. Yes, even Black Friday Bose speaker deals have been hit by this global shortage.

Your best chance at the Bose speaker deal of your dreams is to buy early, keep scanning through our coverage for a better deal (you can always return or swap out speakers), and take advantage of programs like Best Buy’s Price Guarantee. If you wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to finally click “Checkout,” you’ll be lucky to get the speaker you want before 2022.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

As one of the top names in the home audio market, Bose’s speaker offerings range from compact wireless speakers to full-sized units designed for stereos and home theater systems. Most of the Bose speaker deals you’ll find online are for its ever-popular Bluetooth speakers, though, and chances are good that these are what you’re shopping for.

This is premium hardware, and it goes without saying that cheap Bose speakers aren’t exactly common. Thankfully, there are almost always Bose speaker deals to be found year-round, especially during seasonal sales. You can generally expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $300 for the most popular models when they’re on sale, with discounts between $30 and $100 being fairly regular. The size of these discounts naturally scales up with the price of the speakers. You’ll also want to settle on the features you want and which ones you can live without, such as built-in voice controls or streaming capabilities.

Shoppers prone to decision paralysis will be glad to know that Bose isn’t one of those brands that offer a bunch of similar products at identical price points — once you’ve got a budget in mind, it’s pretty easy to narrow down your choices. In the sub-$200 price bracket, you’ll find compact Bluetooth speakers like the Bose SoundLink Micro and SoundLink Mini as well as larger cheap Bose speakers like the SoundLink Color II. These are straightforward (but of course, well-made and nice-sounding) Bluetooth speakers without too many bells and whistles. This is reflected in their prices, as these models typically go for around $100-$170 when not on sale.

Moving above those cheap Bose speakers toward the $200-$250 price range brings us to the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ which, with their 360-degree design similar to that of the Amazon Echo, are great Bluetooth speakers for enjoying room-filling sound. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is another excellent option in this range and also offers 360-degree sound output along with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for the smart home crowd.

If your budget for Bose speaker deals is around $300-$350, then you’re squarely in top-tier territory with models like the Bose Home Speaker 500 and Bose Portable Smart Speaker. These pack the best drivers for delivering the highest-quality sound as well as smart features like Alexa and built-in streaming capabilities from services like Spotify and Pandora. The Home Speaker 500 is a great choice if you’re looking for a Bose speaker for your home, whereas the Portable Smart Speaker (as its name implies) is great for taking on the go.

Larger speakers, such as bookshelf speakers, soundbars, and floor speakers (the type you’d use for a home stereo or theater system) are a little more technically complicated than those of the Bluetooth variety. If you need some more info before shopping for Bose speaker deals for a larger sound system, check out our beginner’s guide to home audio.