Best Black Friday Printer Deals 2021: Cheapest Prices Today

You should take advantage of this year’s Black Friday printer deals to complete your home office setup. Even if your budget is tight, there’s surely an offer that will match your need from the best Black Friday printer deals from various retailers. You’ll be able to stretch your cash to buy a printer with advanced features, or buy multiples if you need more than one of them. A printer’s technically not essential for your desktop computer or laptop, but it’s an accessory that you’ll be thankful to have for the situations when you need it, so it’s best to own one.

Some of the best Black Friday deals are already available, so you don’t have to wait until the shopping holiday before you start making your purchases. Retailers have slashed the prices of printers from brands such as HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother — mainstays in our list of the best printers — so there’s no shortage of options for you. Whether you want just a basic printer or one with all the bells and whistles, Black Friday won’t end without you finding the perfect deal.

Retailers with Black Friday printer deals

Best Black Friday printer deals 2021

Canon PIXMA MG2522 inkjet printer — $29, was $40

Why Buy:

If all you need is a basic printer to make hard copies of important documents, you should consider the Canon PIXMA MG2522. The wired printer can produce both black-and-white and color pages, and it can also scan and copy documents as additional functions that will prove to be useful. For all those capabilities, the printer doesn’t take up too much space on your desk, and it’s also lightweight at just below 10 pounds, so if more than one computer or office will share it, it can be moved around whenever you need to without much difficulty. You can use XL ink cartridges for the printer so you’ll have to replace them less often, which will be helpful if you’ve already got a lot of other things to take care of, and it can hold up to 60 sheets in its paper holder, so you can just place a lot of pages there and go about with your printing without worrying about refilling the paper for a while. That’s what’s great about this printer — it’s a no frills printing machine that you don’t have to give much attention to, as it just does its job without the need for constant tinkering with settings. and buttons.

The Canon PIXMA MG2522 is the ideal printer for home offices and dorm rooms, as it’s simple to set up and use. There’s no complications with this wired printer — you just need to plug it into your desktop computer or laptop, and wait for the setup to finish. If you don’t need a printer with advanced features that you probably won’t use, you should take advantage of Walmart’s offer for the Canon PIXMA MG2522, which brings the inkjet printer’s price down to $29, after an $11 discount to its original price of $40.

Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer — $100, was $144

Why Buy:

If you love taking pictures and selfies on your smartphone, the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer is a must-buy product, especially with its current discount on Amazon. It’s very easy to set up — you just have to download the Canon Mini Print app on your smartphone, which will also let you customize your pictures before you print them. Connect the printer to a power source using a USB cord, load it with photo paper, and link it with the app through a Bluetooth connection. From there, it’s time to start editing your pictures on the app and printing them, for photos that you can keep in your wallet, attach to your desk, or give to loved ones to capture your favorite memories with them. The 2 by 3-inch photo paper used for the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer is smudge-proof, tear-proof, and water-resistant, so the pics won’t easily get damaged, and they even have a peel-and-stick back to make it easier to affix them to your favorite things.

The Canon Mini Print app provides you with a lot of creative freedom, with the option to add frames, stickers, text, emojis, and your own drawings to your photos before you print them. You can also use filters to change the colors of your pictures, and to make even bigger changes such as transforming facial features as the app uses face-tracking technology. You can even do collage prints, for several photos in a single print, or tile prints, to print several pictures that combine into a larger photo. If all of this is in your wheelhouse, you should purchase the the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer from Amazon, where it’s available for just $100 after a $44 discount to its original price of $144.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 inkjet printer — $128, was $160

Why Buy:

For an affordable printer with additional capabilities that will help you better manage your home office or small business, take a look at the HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 inkjet printer. It can produce everything from single-page monochrome prints to borderless, two-sided color prints, and it supports a wide range of paper sizes and types, including envelopes and photo paper. Whether you need physical copies of a report, flyers to give to potential customers, or slides for an important presentation, the printer will be ready to provide you with the pages that you need. Printing is even more convenient with the HP Smart app, which you can use to set up the wireless printer for printing jobs, scan documents using your smartphone’s camera, and send files for printing from your mobile devices. You can even link the wireless printer to a smart speaker, so you can issue voice commands. With more options for the sources of your files to print, there’s less of a hassle in having to transfer documents from one device to another just to initiate the printing job.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 is capable of printing up to 22 pages per minute for black-and-white documents, and up to 18 pages per minute for color documents. It also comes with a 2-inch mono-graphic display where you can check the tasks that are in line for the printer. If you think this is the printer that you need for your home office or small business, you might want to hurry as there’s no telling how long Amazon’s stocks will last. The retailer is offering a $32 discount on the HP OfficeJet Pro 8210, which brings the inkjet printer’s price down to $128 from its original price of $160.

Epson WorkForce ST-4000 inkjet printer — $399, was $499

Why Buy:

If nothing from Black Friday’s laser printer deals catches your eye, you might want to consider advanced inkjet printers like the Epson WorkForce ST-4000. It doesn’t use ink cartridges though — instead, the printer features supersized ink tanks that are easy to fill without leaving behind any mess that can damage your desk. Purchasing ink bottles and refilling the printer’s tanks is much cheaper than buying ink cartridges, so this printer is lighter on your budget over the long term compared to other inkjet printers. You don’t have to worry about quality either, as the printer is capable of producing black text that looks like it was made by a laser printer.

The Epson WorkForce ST-4000 inkjet printer is powered by the PrecisionCore printing technology, which boosts the productivity of work teams through printing speeds that are among the fastest in the world, impressive output quality with sharp text and fine details, superior output durability with prints that last for a long time, reliability that ensures minimal maintenance downtime, and media flexibility so you can print on surfaces beyond just paper. You also have the choice of pushing printing jobs through a wired connection or wirelessly. If the Epson WorkForce ST-4000 is the printer that you need, you shouldn’t miss Dell’s $100 discount, which slashes its price to $399 from its original price of $499.

Should you shop Black Friday printer deals now?

When you’re looking for the best Black Friday printer deals, you’ll come across cheap prices offered by retailers for different brands and models. It’s highly recommended to take advantage of these discounts as soon as you can, because there’s no telling when stocks will run out. Last year’s Black Friday was plagued with supply issues, and with the global microchip shortage affecting all kinds of electronic devices, it’s widely expected that the stocks held by retailers will not be able to keep up with the demand.

Some shoppers believe that it’s better to wait for Black Friday to make your purchases, as there will be bigger discounts when the shopping holiday starts compared to the best Black Friday printer deals that are available now. However, that’s not true — even if prices go lower on Black Friday, they won’t be by much. There’s no sense in waiting for savings of just a few more dollars when there’s a chance that the printer that you want to buy will get sold out. If you see a deal that meets your needs and your budget, don’t hesitate to add the printer to your cart and check out immediately.