Best Headphones Under $200 for Cyber Monday 2021

The best Cyber Monday deals are ramping up. A great purchase to make this year is a nice pair of headphones, and with such crazy discounts, you have plenty of options under $200. Retailers like Best Buy and Amazon are slashing tons of top brands like Bose, Beats, and Sony. Check out your options below — and hit up our Cyber Monday headphones deals round-up — before they’re gone.

JBL Live 500BT — $60, was $150

Why Buy:

These JBL headphones are affordable, comfortable, and they sound good. They use a fabric band on the top, so they rest easy on your skull and feel luxurious in your hands. The cups are made from a soft foam with a fake leather cover on them, so they’ll treat your ears nice during long listening sessions. They’re great for work, studying, or any other time you have to keep headphones on for multiple hours at once. They’re also handy for people who take calls a lot, as they have a built-in microphone and allow voice controls. You can answer a phone call without using your hands. You can pair them with any phone that has a voice assistant. Control Siri of Google Assistant right through the headphones.

The speakers themselves are of high quality. Of course, they’re stereo, and they have 108dB sensitivity. They’ll serve you well for everything from podcasts to high-fidelity music. They’re wireless through a Bluetooth connection, but you can also plug them in when you want to save battery or don’t mind being connected to your audio source. Not that battery will be an issue. These headphones will get 30 hours of listening time off of one charge. When you’re done with them, they can fold right in half to fit in a bag or their own special carrying case. These are a solid pair of wireless headphones that will give you great sound at an affordable price.

Sony WH-CH710N — $78, was $180

Why Buy:

Sony’s WH-CH710N headphones are fantastic. They have great sound, a high-quality build, and some luxurious features. Sony has been known for making high-quality audio equipment for decades, and these headphones are no different. Their highlight feature is their noise canceling. Sony has really outdone themselves this time. The WH-CH710Ns have dual-sensor tech in them, meaning a microphone on the front and the back of the headphones helps pick up ambient noise to cancel it out. Everything from relatively quiet situations like plane rides to busy offices and coffee shops will sound deadly quiet in your ears. You’ll be able to melt away wherever you are.

The build of the headphones is sturdy but comfortable. The cups on the headphones are soft foam with a fake leather cover, and they’ll completely wrap over your ears. This means less sound gets in, and you can wear them for longer without getting your ears sore. The top headband has an adjustable slider in it, so you can make sure the headphones are in just the right position for your ears and the angle at which you’re sitting. The headphones charge using USB-C, so they’ll get quite a bit of power back in a short little charge – around one hour of listening after just ten minutes of charging. It’s perfect for long trips when your access to plugs is limited. They’ll stay charged for 35 hours from a full recharge. These are high-quality headphones with a great Cyber Monday price.

Beats Studio3 — $170, was $350

Why Buy:

Beats by Dre have long been a favorite of audiophiles, particularly if you love Apple products or listen to bass-heavy music. The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones are fantastic headphones with great audio quality, awesome noise canceling, and a stylish design. People have celebrated the audio quality of Beats since they were first introduced. Beats have been marketed heavily toward music lovers with a passion for heavier bass. The bass on Studio3 headphones is emphasized more than any other frequency. If that’s not your thing, you should consider other headphones. But if you love a powerful bass, these headphones will reward you with every listen. The headphones are powered with Apple’s W1 chip, a powerful last-gen processor that will make all your audio sound top-notch.

The Beats Studio3 have good active noise canceling, so you can focus just on the music. The headphones use active calibration to make sure what you do want to hear is crisp, smooth, and clear. The headphones themselves are well built. They have a comfortable pad on the top headband so you can keep listening for hours. The ear cups themselves will encompass your whole ear, assisting with the noise-canceling and minimizing pressure on your ears. They even have venting so your ears can breathe. The Studio3s are compatible with iPhones and Androids via Bluetooth. You can use Siri or your favorite virtual assistant to take phone calls or change the music. Grab them quickly before they completely sell out.

Bose SoundLink II — $179, was $229

Why Buy:

Bose has been a world leader in audio technology for decades. The Bose Soundlink II headphones are a continuation of that legacy. They’re stylish headphones that come in several color options. They’re comfortable, with a cushy upper headband and soft foam earcups covered in plastic leather. The earcups can rotate to fit flat against your head, and the headband can be adjusted to fit different head shapes and sizes. You’ll get the perfect fit over your ears. The headphones themselves are light, so they won’t weigh you down during long listening sessions. They have a built-in microphone, so you can take calls with wonderful clarity – and you don’t have to take the headphones off to do it.

That perfect fit will help when you activate the noise-canceling feature. Dual microphones help the Soundlink headphones to pick up every little bit of ambient noise and cancel it out. The audio quality of the Soundlink is what you’d come to expect from Bose. They use proprietary technology in their headphones to get you a clear and deep sound, no matter what volume you’re listening at. Connectivity is super easy with Bose. The Soundlink headphones can connect to two different devices at once, so you can easily switch between the two without having to constantly disconnect and reconnect. They have a moderate battery life, with the ability to play music constantly for up to 15 hours on one charge. Grab these fantastic headphones before they completely sell out during Cyber Monday.