Best Microsoft Surface Pro Deals for November 2021

After decades in the software business, Microsoft finally started making hardware under its own name — and we’re not talking about the Xbox. The Windows-powered Surface tablets launched ten years ago, and since then, the lineup has grown to include an impressive variety of laptops and 2-in-1s. We’ve got all the best Microsoft Surface Pro deals and bundles right here. We’ve incorporated the latest Black Friday Microsoft Surface deals too, which went live super early this year, and for good reason with all of the shortages and shipping delays hitting hard! We recommend grabbing Black Friday laptop deals as soon as possible if you see something you want.

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Today’s Best Microsoft Surface Deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The latest model of the ever-popular Microsoft Surface was recently announced at a Microsoft event. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is reportedly twice as fast as the previous model. Microsoft shrunk the bezels on the side of the screen (something we’ve been wanting for years now) to increase the display size to 13 inches, making it the largest Surface yet. A 120Hz refresh rate is an optional upgrade. They also removed the two traditional USB ports, leaving only two USB-C ports. They did keep the headphone jack, of course (wink wink, Apple).

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 retails at $1,099, the same price as a relatively upgraded Surface Pro 7. All in all, that’s essentially what the Surface 8 is: a nice upgrade on a classic. The Surface Pro 8 is available now, so keep your eyes peeled for Surface Pro deals on this fresh model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

In 2019 we saw the release of the updated seventh iteration of the Microsoft Surface Pro along with the innovative Surface Pro X. For this refresh, Microsoft continued its conservative approach and decided not to tinker too much with a winning formula. It was a good strategy: The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has everything we love about the Pro 6 with some subtle improvements like newer Intel Core CPUs and the welcome addition of a high-speed USB-C port.

Along with those relatively minor (but very nice) upgrades, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 still boasts that beautiful 3:2 PixelSense touchscreen and great build quality, and it also works beautifully with a Type Cover keyboard for pulling double duty as a 2-in-1 ultrabook laptop. One of our few gripes is that it still doesn’t come bundled with that keyboard cover, but Surface Pro deals and ongoing sales should help to alleviate that.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft revealed two new Surface devices in 2019, launching the all-new Surface Pro X alongside the Surface Pro 7 refresh in late October and early November. The Pro 7 was just a small update of the mainline Surface Pro series, but the Microsoft Surface Pro X delivered the long-needed facelift that we’ve been waiting for: Most notably, Microsoft finally cut down those chunky bezels surrounding the display, which was one of our few persistent complaints with the regular Surface Pro models (including the newest Pro 7).

It’s not quite as fast as the Surface Pro 7 or Pro 8 in terms of specs, but the main trade-off here is that the Microsoft Surface Pro X is thinner and lighter. In fact, it’s the slimmest Surface yet at just 0.2 inches, and those leaner bezels allow for more screen real estate with a larger 13-inch 1920p PixelSense touchscreen (for an extra 0.7 inches). The Surface Pro X is the complete package, but it’s also the most expensive new member of the Surface family, so savvy shoppers would be wise to hunt around for the numerous deals during seasonal sale events.

Microsoft Surface Go

If we’ve whetted your appetite for these 2-in-1s but, for various reasons, you don’t want to dump a huge wad of cash for one of the Surface Pro models, then the Microsoft Surface Go is definitely worth a look. The 10-inch Surface Go is a more budget-minded alternative to the high-end Surface Pro lineup, packing a smaller display, simpler hardware, and Windows 10S (a pared-down version of the Windows 10 OS). We’re not going to claim it’s the best Surface that money can buy — it’s not — but for around 400 bucks, it’s very, very hard to look this gift horse in the mouth.

The Surface Go is a great option for anyone looking for something a bit smaller than a Surface Pro or for shoppers who want something affordable (be it as a secondary 2-in-1 for travel or a device for basic web browsing and streaming), and the above Microsoft Surface deals make it even sweeter. Microsoft recently released the second-gen Surface Go, and while our review team felt that it was a bit too pricey at launch, it’s another option to consider if you want some hardware upgrades and can find a good deal.