Best Staples deals and sales for April 2022

Staples will always be the go-to place for home office deals and office supply runs, but our daily work essentials include much more than just paper, pens, and printer ink in the digital age. Thankfully, Staples can also hang with other retail big boys when it comes to offering the lowest prices on tech, office furniture, and other pricey stuff, meaning that it should definitely be on your radar when shopping for some new gear for your workstation. The best Staples deals are all available online, too, from hard drive deals and laptop deals to printer deals and more — and we’ve already rounded up all the top picks right here:

Today’s best Staples deals

Should you shop at Staples?

Most people probably think of Staples as the place you run to when you need to grab some office supplies like paper or printer ink in a hurry and can’t afford to wait for your online Amazon order to arrive by mail. And while Staples is indeed the go-to place for those last-minute top-ups on your work essentials, it’s now forced to compete more aggressively with other big retailers like Best Buy and Walmart when it comes to offering online deals on things such as computers, printers, and office furniture. The many Staples deals that are almost always on tap are an especially great boon to the many people who have joined the growing ranks of professionals working from home.

In other words, you should absolutely keep these Staples deals on your radar when you’re in need of some new tech (or other office equipment) and you’re on a budget. Staples carries everything from computers and monitors to iPads and AirPods — it’s not all suit-and-tie — with free delivery on a ton of items, including free next-day shipping on much of what’s in stock. Since Staples also has the benefit of running many brick-and-mortar retail locations around the country, delivery is generally pretty quick, and of course, you can always have your item shipped to your local store for pickup, which might be even faster. If it’s in stock at a nearby Staples, you can even order it online to reserve it and then go pick it up at your leisure.