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Ditch the paperbacks with an Amazon Kindle, and save $35 today

Looking for the best Kindle deals? If you’re keen to snag the cheapest Kindle out there right now, you can. Currently, at Amazon, you can snap up an Amazon Kindle for just $55, saving you a huge $35 off the usual price of $90. If you’ve been considering quitting paperbacks in favor of an e-reader, this is the perfect time to do exactly that. Read on while we take you through why the Amazon Kindle is worth your time and money.

The Amazon Kindle has always been a great bet for reading in a digital fashion. It’s purpose-built with reading in style in mind. It has a 167 psi glare-free display that reads just like if you were looking at real paper, even when used in direct sunlight. For those times you need to adjust things, it has adjustable brightness so you can easily get the right look for you, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Unlike many tablets, the Amazon Kindle also offers an amazing battery life. We’re not talking hours here — we’re talking weeks. The Amazon Kindle is always ready for you thanks to its single battery charge lasting quite a long time. It’s the ideal companion for you on your daily commute, when you’re sitting outside relaxing, or you’re just indoors on the couch. With 8GB of storage, you can store thousands of titles on it. Even better, it also has support for Audible so you can pair it up with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to audiobooks. Designed to be distraction-free, the Amazon Kindle makes it a breeze to highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, or simply adjust text sizes as needed. It’s so much smarter than a regular book and incredibly convenient, too.

Normally priced at $90, the Amazon Kindle is down to just $55 right now at Amazon. This is the ideal time to snap one up and revel in the wonders of ebook reading, saving you the hassle of carrying physical books around with you. Pair it up with Kindle Unlimited and you’ll have a near unlimited selection of options when it comes to your next reading session. Snap it up now while stocks last at this price.


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