Gaming PC Cyber Monday Deals Drop This HP Desktop to $550

Gaming PC Cyber Monday deals are here, and they’re slashing a ton off the price of both gaming laptops and prebuilt PCs. Right now, you can get a HP Pavilion gaming PC for only $550, a $100 discount off the usual price of $650. This is a great gateway computer into the world of high-end gaming. Check it out before the best Cyber Monday deals completely sell out.

This HP Pavilion gaming PC has everything you need to start your adventures — power, speed, the ability to customize, and a clean look to wrap it all up.

The power in the HP Pavilion comes from an AMD Ryzen 3 5300G processor. It only has four cores, so it’s not a powerhouse, but it will conquer most games. It’s paired with a Radeon RX 5500 graphics card. AMD is one of the most popular graphics cards in the world, and it’ll get the job done. The Pavilion comes stock with 8GB of RAM, a respectable amount. It’ll let you play one demanding game, or multitask with a few less demanding programs. It also comes with a 256 solid state drive. Loading things like your operating system or your favorite games onto an SSD will drastically decrease load times. You’ll go from clicking the main power button on your tower to playing Halo Infinite in a matter of seconds.

All of these components are easily customizable. The HP Pavilion ships with a power supply that can handle beefier components later on. Buying a prebuilt PC is a good way to get yourself started, and you can slowly upgrade pieces as you go while being able to play games the whole time. You can also upgrade the PC through HP at checkout. It’ll cost you more, but you’ll still keep the original discount. For instance, you could upgrade to one of several Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

The whole HP Pavilion is wrapped up in a stylish case. It has green LEDs to mark power and inputs. It comes with a wired keyboard and mouse, but if you’re going to be gaming, we recommend getting a dedicated gaming mouse and gaming keyboard.

Get this prebuilt setup from HP at a massive discount during Cyber Monday Black Friday deals. If you buy today, you’ll save $100, paying only $550 instead of the usual retail price of $650. Score one now before they sell out!