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Monitors Under $200 for Cyber Monday 2021

Just cruising through the best Cyber Monday deals will show you, there’s a lot out there, but if you’re trying to meet a strict budget, it’s better to limit to dollar amounts. Dell’s Cyber Monday sale has kicked off, for instance, and while there are a ton of desktop PCs, laptops, and even monitors on sale, the prices are all over the place. Limiting yourself to under $200, for example, may not seem possible — unless you know where to look! We’ve scooped up some of the best monitor deals under $200 for Cyber Monday, and you’ll find those, and more, below!

Dell 22-inch FHD Monitor — $110, was $190

Why buy:

Most Cyber Monday monitor deals will include larger displays, but not everyone wants a huge monitor on their desk! This quaint 22-inch FHD monitor gives you plenty of space, a whole lot more than your average laptop display if you’re using it for a secondary monitor. It supports a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 full-HD at a refresh rate of 60Hz, a decent rating for fluid motion. The response time varies, as it’s 12ms gray to gray during typical use and 8ms gray to gray while Fast mode is enabled.

The three-sided thin bezels stay out of your way, leaving more to the vibrant display. What’s more, you’ll have happier eyes at the end of the day because it supports flicker-free use and is anti-glare. Dell’s TUV-certified ComfortView feature reduces eye strain as well by limiting harmful blue light. Perhaps one of the coolest inclusions, the entire monitor is made to be more sustainable, saving energy by reducing power consumption when not in use, and it comes in Eco-conscious packaging.

The normal price for this 22-inch FHD monitor is $190, but Dell is offering it for $80 less during Cyber Monday. The final price is $110 with free shipping, an excellent deal for a monitor of this size, let alone one that supports full HD content.

Dell 27-inch FHD Monitor — $310, was $180

Why buy:

This IPS panel is equipped with an LED Edgelight system that helps evenly spread the brightness without washing out the rest of the screen. The 1000:1 contrast ratio also helps it keep a reliable picture even in the darkest of scenes. At 27 inches, it supports a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 full-HD at a refresh rate of 75Hz. That increased refresh rate, over 60Hz standard, makes for some very responsive and fluid on-screen action. Dual HDMI ports built in mean you can connect up to two devices, like a PC and game console, and then swap between them seamlessly.

Like the other monitors on sale for Dell’s Cyber Monday, this one includes the TUV-certified ComfortView technology to reduce blue light emissions and keep your eyes happy, healthy, and clear. Moreover, it’s compatible with AMD FreeSync, which is a plus if you have an AMD graphics card in your PC.

Instead of paying $310 for this 27-inch FHD monitor, Dell’s Cyber Monday deal drops the price down to $180 with free shipping. That’s a discount of $130 and one of the best deals we’ve seen yet for this particular model.

Dell 32-inch FHD Curved Monitor — $200, was $430

Why buy:

This 32-inch FHD curved monitor provides a better experience than your average flat panel. As you might expect, when placed on your desk, a curved monitor like this will surround your vision, making it a lot easier and more enjoyable to see everything happening on screen. Working and multi-tasking are much better on a curved monitor.

This one supports a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a refresh rate of 75Hz. The 4ms gray to gray response time is also impressive, but you’ll need to ensure Extreme mode is enabled. Additional features include dual HDMI ports, Dell ComfortView technology, built-in cable management, slim bezels, and much more. Take our word for it when we say this is an excellent monitor for the price.

Comparable to most curved monitors, this one would normally cost $430. However, Dell has dropped the price for Cyber Monday down to $200 with free shipping. If you’re counting, that’s a discount good for $230 off. Oh yeah.


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