Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday Deal 2021: Cheapest Price

We’ve got good news if you’re in the market for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday deal. The 40mm aluminum GPS model has gotten a price cut as Samsung has struck with a great Cyber Monday offer, knocking the price down to $200, a savings of $50 from its regular price of $250. Free shipping is also included, and when you total up the savings alongside the amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, this offer from Best Buy stacks up to be one of the best Cyber Monday deals available.

Today’s best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday deal

Why Buy:

With its release a few months ago, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 brought an amazing set of features to wearable tech, making it a great gift for the fitness enthusiast in your family. It sports features for a variety of circumstances, including auto workout-tracking, advanced run coaching, body readings, mobile payments via Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and smartphone connectivity for music and phone call control.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the sleeker counterpart to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and each of the watches is featured as one of the best Android choices in our best smartwatches for 2021. Like its counterparts in the Samsung smartwatch lineup, including the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Galaxy Watch 4 has access to all of your favorite Google Play apps, including Spotify and Google Maps.

The design of the Galaxy Watch 4 is sleek, modern, and super cool, and it’s considered a sort of spiritual successor to the previously mentioned Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s comfortable to wear throughout the day, even during workouts and while sleeping. The device’s software is fast and responsive, as it rocks an Exynos W920 processor and 1.5GB of RAM. Battery life is top-notch on the Galaxy Watch 4, lasting up to two days on a single charge with average usage.

Whether your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is meant for your own wrist or as a gift for your loved ones, you should take advantage of this great Cyber Monday deal at Best Buy. It’s the 40mm aluminum GPS model that’s on sale, and it’s only $200, marked down from its regular price of $250, a savings of $50.

When does this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday deal end?

If you have been wanting to buy the Galaxy Watch 4, right now is the best time to do so. Although Cyber Monday sales are supposed to last the entirety of Monday, a good deal like this might get exhausted very quickly. So it is vital to place your order as soon as possible instead of waiting for a further price drop. Through the weekend following Black Friday, there has been a heavy demand for popular products, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Cyber Monday deal is just one of those deals which might expire as stocks run out quickly because of a generous 20% discount. Adobe Analytics also shows a 124% higher rate of out-of-stock alerts on online shopping websites as compared to the pre-pandemic times, and it’s best to order the Galaxy Watch 4 now if you don’t want to miss out on a great deal.