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Step Up Your Zoom Game With This Ring Studio Light — Now $20

Let there be light! For all you YouTubers, social media content creators, video conferencing professionals, and family members looking to connect during the holidays out there, Walmart has knocked $10 off the price of the 8-inch Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light. It is currently marked down from its regular price of $30 to a final sale price of $20. Free fast shipping is included in the deal and local pickup is available where inventory allows, making it one of the best Walmart Black Friday deals you’ll find today.

It seems these days almost everyone has a camera in their hand. Modern phones can pack a camera into your pocket, video chats are replacing phone calls, and video meetings are becoming a new standard of the working world. There’s never been a greater need for good lighting, and a ring light is a great solution for anybody who finds themself in front of a camera often, even if it’s just the one in your pocket. The Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light transforms your phone or webcam into a professional photo and video studio, allowing you to maximize your camera’s video quality capability in just about any lighting conditions.

The Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light includes an 8-inch ring light, a tripod that extends all the way up to 51 inches, a phone holder with a pivot mount, a smartphone clip adapter, and a wireless remote for hitting record from a distance. It even includes 10 different levels of brightness and three different color modes, which makes adjusting white balance easy amidst just about any lighting situation. The Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light is light, mobile, and shrinks down to a convenient size for storage when your selfie shoot is finished.

One of the best Black Friday deals going on today at Walmart, at only $20, the Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light makes an amazing value, and it holds its own amongst the best ring lights for 2021. You can save $10 off its regular price of $30 by grabbing the Bower Selfie Ring Studio Light now and shed some new light on your social media and selfie workflow.


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